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College Essay Ideas


Good college essay ideas are the foundation of good essay writing. If you have freedom to decide on the topic for your college essay writing, it means that you have an opportunity to impress your teacher with excellent writing. However, it also means that you have to choose the best topic for your assignment. How can you achieve the desired result? The first thing to keep in mind is the type of writing you want to present. Do you want to write an argumentative essay? Is compare contrast essay Continue reading

Checklist for Thesis Statement


Thesis statement is the main idea of the essay writing. Before writing a thesis statement you must read necessary material and determine your position on the topic. This position will be your thesis statement for essay writing. You will defend your claimed thesis statement through the whole essay writing with the help of supporting material such as argumentation and examples.Thesis Statement QuestionsThesis statement reflects the benefits of your English essay. It answers the question: Continue reading

Advice on Academic Essay Writing


As a college student, you to write an essay on a regular basis. Essays are written for various purposes: to inform, to entertain, to challenge, to explore or to convince. The academic essay is generally written in response to a question. You are expected to present a point of view (expressed in a thesis statement). Your aim is to develop a support argument for the thesis you propose. Different disciplines within the university may require different styles and approaches to essay writing. Before Continue reading

Writing an Effective Essay


Before writing an essay, you should choose interesting topic for your essay, gather necessary information, and make a plan. Sure of all these steps cannot be done within one day.  You should think over your essay topic very carefully.  Writing an effective essay starts with the choice of effective topic.  I would say that the success of essay writing depends on the effective topic. Effective topic can be chosen from the actual problems in your county or in the world. For example, the essay Continue reading

Tips on Clear Writing


Essay, as genre of composition, is actively interfering into college life. College essay writing is proposed as a final or entrance examination. Although literature is not the main subject which is the easiest to write an essay about, you have to write assay on history, management, foreign language, and even accounting. College essay writing has more demands: a five-paragraph structure of the essay, academic essays have to be longer in lengths than simple high school writings. Essay papers can Continue reading

Ten Tips on Good Essay Writing


Whether an essay topic is chosen by you or is assigned by the tutor, read an essay question several times, looking for key words that indicate how you should develop and organize writing process. Remember that you are not writing a book report, you are writing a self-report. Write about a single experience that profoundly affected you or a failure that taught you something important. Your English essay should be interesting for your reader. Organize your ideas; plan an essay before writing Continue reading

Poverty Essay


If your professor has asked you to write a ‘poverty essay’ and you are busy running from pillar to post to find out more about it-read on.Definition firstA really good poverty essay writing should start by asking-what poverty is. When we say that someone lives below the poverty line what it means is that they cannot fulfill the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. Along with a definition you can also use a poverty quote such as, "The poverty of the poor is their Continue reading

Novel Analysis


Novel analysis is one of the assignments that students who study literature are often provided with. By doing this task you should demonstrate you analytical skills. When making analysis of a literary work you should discuss several aspects: the plot (the contents), the characters, symbols or images, the author’s intentions (the main idea of the work) and others. So, you should find answers for such questions: What did the author want to say by writing the literary work? In what way did Continue reading

Mark Twain Analysis


Works of Mark Twain have been causing heated disputes for a long period of time. Some critics praise his unique sense of humor; others disapprove his way of revealing of the life realities. Thus, one should notice that Mark Twain analysis is a very fascinating but at the same time rather challenging task. Mark Twain Analysis: Analyzing of the Disputable Mark Twain literary analysis suggests deep analysis of a certain work or 2 works (for example, if you have to write a compare/contrast essay) Continue reading

How to Write a Good Essay


Writing an essay is difficult if you do not have an essay writing strategy.  It is not easy to write a good academic essay, however, it is possible to learn how to write an excellent essay. The writing workload and writing process depends on the type of academic assignment, complexity of the topic, and academic level.  We want to help you improve your writing skills and your ability to think creatively, systematically and analytically. Writing a good essay starts with organization of your Continue reading

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