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Ten Tips on Good Essay Writing

  1. Whether an essay topic is chosen by you or is assigned by the tutor, read an essay question several times, looking for key words that indicate how you should develop and organize writing process. Remember that you are not writing a book report, you are writing a self-report.
  2. Write about a single experience that profoundly affected you or a failure that taught you something important. Your English essay should be interesting for your reader.
  3. Organize your ideas; plan an essay before writing it. Note some main points to use, real examples if possible. Identify important concepts to introduce in order to understand these examples. While writing an essay, don't use dictionary definitions. Illustrate your definitions with examples. Identify two or more supporting and conflicting sides. Find arguments that support each position or side. Evaluate these arguments; try to examine their strengths and weaknesses. Try to develop a short summary of your argument.
  4. Try to think clearly and write clearly. Try to avoid using complicated language if you can while writing an English essay. Use good grammar and punctuation. Ask an expert to proofread your paper.
  5. In the Introduction you should mention the key concepts you're going to discuss. From your introduction the reader should understand how you will deal with the problem raised in the topic. So, think carefully about your introduction, try to gain the attention.
  6. In the Body of an essay you should provide detailed information, describe your main ideas. The arguments and main examples should appear in the body of the essay. Here you should give some detailed support for your position.
  7. The conclusion should state an evaluation of the arguments presented and their implications. There should be an answer to the question 'Why have you raise this problem?'
  8. The structure of your essay is the logical framework of the paper you make. Structure helps your reader to understand the significance of any point you make. Write as many drafts as you need until you feel confident that the final result is the best you can do.
  9. While writing an essay, periodically reread the question to make sure that you haven't missed something important. Don't pad your essay with information which is irrelevant to the topic.
  10. Review you academic essay.

Following these tips may not guarantee admission to a college, but they help you to understand how to write an essay. Writing essay improves your writing and creative skills and gives you more possibilities to show your independent thinking. If you seek to buy essay, you are welcome to request help to write an essay at  We deliver only custom written essays and we are never late with delivery!

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