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Writing a Comparative Analysis


If you have become a student of the college, such tasks as writing a comparative analysis or writing a process analysis will become inseparable parts from your academic career gaining. That is why in order to be able to cope with the above-mentioned assignments you have to get closely acquainted with the main principles of writing a comparative analysis and writing a process analysis. The present article is ready to make you acquainted with the above-mentioned notions in whole. Writing a Continue reading

The Stages of the Writing Process


There are many steps in writing process.  The writing workload and complexity of the writing process depends on the type of academic assignment, complexity of the topic, and academic level.  For example, high school term paper writing process is less complicated than college research paper writing process.  The most difficult stages of the writing process are planning, researching, writing, and editing. The Stages of the Writing Process: Tips Writing process planning is about outlining the Continue reading

Steps of Writing Process


Essay writing process can be divided into several steps including topic selection, thesis statement development, outline creation, conducting a research, drafting an essay, editing final draft, and referencing the sources.  These steps of writing process can be further divided into smaller stages. Steps of Writing Process: Topic Choice Topic selection is the first step of all academic assignments writing process:  research paper, term paper, coursework, thesis, dissertation, etc.  If you are Continue reading

Process Essay Topics


Process essay should be informative in essence as your task is to tell the reader how to do something. Alternatively, you may describe how something has been done. As you are working on your essay writing process, you should consider the following questions:What is the process you want to describe?Why should the reader be interested in the chosen topic?Are there alternative ways of doing this process? What are they?What is the common knowledge on the described process?What skills Continue reading

Process Analysis Essays


Process analysis essays are the essays, which tell the readers about some serious events, which led to some planned result. One can distinguish two types of process analysis essays, which are directional essays and analyzing essays. Process Analysis Essays: Two Different Types The first type of process analysis essays tells the readers how to do something they want to do, it directs somehow. For example, directional process analysis essays may advise you how to choose a good tourist tour or Continue reading

Personal Writing Essay Help


“Personal Writing Essay Help” is a guideline that could be useful in the school and student practice. If you have some problems with the fulfillment of this assignment – this article is for you. Personal Writing Essay Help: Tips for Successful Writing The personal essay, probably, is the easiest assignment during your studying career, but, surprisingly, this type of assignment makes a lot of problems for the students, and they often stumble over this issue. So, it is not a Continue reading

Improve Essay


If you are tired of poor grades for your essay writing, if you want to become more professional in the field of academic writing, if you are fed up with constant mistakes and all the other things which spoil your essay grade, this is the time for you to improve essay writing skills. This is not a joke; it is really possible to improve essay writing. The only thing you have to do it is to have a desire to change unpleasant situation with the academic writing. Improve Essay Writing Skills: Use Continue reading

Essays on Music


Are you looking for essays on music? Our site is here to help you! Do not know how to start writing essay on music? Do you need assistance with the topic choice? Would you like to get a well-written essay without any efforts? If you find the below tips on writing useful but still need professional help with writing, you may order custom essay writing service at our site! Custom essays we deliver are well-written and meet the requirements of the demanding tutors. Essays on Music: Topic Continue reading

Essay Writing Process


Essay writing is the multi-stage process requiring a lot of hours of planning, researching, drafting, and revising.  First, you need to mind map the essay ideas, gather information, group your thoughts, and make notes on chosen materials.  Second, you need to write the rough draft, revise and expand the essay writing to include the missed information.  Third, you need to check the writing for structure and linking sentences.  Finally, read the essay again very carefully to make sure that the Continue reading

Essay Layout


An essay layout can act as a writing process to come up with well structured, logical and informative academic writing. Here are some of the most vital points for a good essay layout.Proper FormatThe essay formats you use should meet the stringent standards of your university. You should have 1” margins on all sides with your main text presented in a 12 pt. font   in Times New Roman or some other standard fonts. A smaller font size of 10 pt. can be used for footnotes which you Continue reading

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