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Essays on Music


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Essays on Music: Topic Ideas

  • Music of the XX century
  • Origin of music
  • Modern musical directions and genres
  • Philosophy of music
  • Musical pedagogies
  • History of styles
  • The African roots of jazz
  • Rock music

Essays on Music: Sample Topics by Style

  • House: “In the mid-eighties in Chicago there was a new kind of dancing music - house…”
  • Garage: “While Chicago DJs from New York experimented within the precincts of club Paradise Garage under the guidance of Larry Levan they have given birth to…”
  • Deep House: “Deep House is the style which has appeared on a joint of an "old" Chicago house and gospel...”
  • Acid House: “The second Chicago generation experimented more psychodelic sound some accelerated by synthesizer Roland TB303…”
  • Trance: “It is in the middle of ambient and acide house…”
  • Progressive: “Progressive is a version of house. The full name is Progressive House…”
  • Techno: “The techno term is used for a considerable quantity of kinds of electronic music, but …”
  • Hardcore: “It is terrible speed music. Blows by a hammer on your head with a speed from 150 to 220 blows in a minute…”
  • Big beats / Siren Dance: “The general thing of this music is special use of electronics which creates a typical sound. And very heavy ones…”

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