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Writing a Critique


Writing a literary critique is about analyzing and evaluating the literary work. Your arguments should be based on evidence, which is extracted from the document itself. Writing a literary critique of an article is more difficult compared to other kinds of academic essays, because it requires critical thinking and your ability to come up with an independent judgment on a topic. However, critiques are also one of the most important critical essays because in many research institutions you are Continue reading

Writing a Critical Essay


The main rule for writing a critical essay - your essay has to be based on readings.  If you want to get a grade higher than C, you need to consult at least  three articles in addition to key text.  Moreover, the more diverse sources you use, the higher your grade will be.  What is the connection between number of sources and grade for critical essay?  It is very clear - the more sources you use, the more ideas you present.  What is critical essay?  Critical essay is a synthesis of your Continue reading

Literary Criticism Analysis


If you study literature, you are likely to get an assignment to make literary criticism analysis. From the first glance it may seem to be rather easy task. What should you do? To read a literary work, analyze it and put all your ideas in the proper form. But is it so simple? Literary Criticism Analysis: Not an Easy Task Let’s try to explain you what stages your literary criticism analysis should consist of! To read a literary work. If you believe that to read the work you have to Continue reading

Informal Essay Writing


Informal essay writing is so to say, writing for pleasure if one can name in such a way academic piece of writing. Informal essays are considered to be more personal ones than if to compare them with all the other formal kinds of essays. In formal essays writer has a conversation with the readers with the help of different essay techniques; informal essay writing presupposes the direct conversation between the readers and the writer. The writer does not hide his or her figure between the lines Continue reading

How to Write a Critical Essay


A critical essay is not the overview of the book or article.  Critical essay is not the summary of the text or main points raised by the author.  Critical essay is argumentative type of writing and requires the expression of your ideas about the book supported with the examples from the text.  Every sentence of the critical essay has to contribute the thesis statement; every paragraph of the critical essay should be the logical continuation of the previous one.  Critical essay should be Continue reading

Examples of Critical Analysis


Critical analysis making is one of the academic assignments that often make students be nervous. On facing such challenge some students give up and wait for help from other people, others think a lot and try to cope with the task by themselves. There are also some students who would like to write their critical analysis paper but they do not know what to write and how to write. Examples of critical analysis: what are they? Nowadays the Internet is the best assistant of every student. Here you Continue reading

Debate Essay


So, you have been assigned to write a debate essay.  The debate essay is not just a cleaned up version of your debate speech.  Writing a debate essay is about producing a philosophical paper.  The thesis of your debate essay should be either a resolution or its negation. Debate essay should include the elements of the argumentative persuasive essay writing. Just as with argumentative essay writing, you should present a self-contained argument for related to the thesis statement. You do not Continue reading

Critical Thinking Essay


Critical thinking essay contains the same elements as other academic writings:  introduction, body, and conclusion.  However, unlike other types of papers, critical thinking essay body should contain in-depth analysis of the claims and assumptions supported with facts and evidence.  The examples of critical thinking writing include essay on respect, living will essay, and heroes essay.  While writing essay on respect, you should strive to come up with a definition of respect based on Continue reading

Critical Literary Essay


Critical literal essay is the response paper to a book, journal article or publication.  Critical literal essay can be the overview of major themes, characters, or plot.  You are expected to include your emotions, feelings, reasoning, and analysis of the literal work.  Critical literal essay ideas must be supported with quotes from a book; you have to show the reader the root of your idea.  Critical literal essay contain the criticism of different elements, or be focused on one aspect. For Continue reading

Critical Essay Writing Steps


Critical essay writing is one of the most difficult academic assignments aimed at teaching students to apply all critical tools available in their field of study.  In simple words, critical essay demonstrates the ability of a student to criticize idea of point of view of different authors.  For example, if you are writing Marie Antoinette critical essay, you need to criticize the book.  If you are writing Shakespeare tempest critical essay, you may criticize the main character or plot.  If Continue reading

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