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Writing a Critical Essay


The main rule for writing a critical essay - your essay has to be based on readings.  If you want to get a grade higher than C, you need to consult at least  three articles in addition to key text.  Moreover, the more diverse sources you use, the higher your grade will be.  What is the connection between number of sources and grade for critical essay?  It is very clear - the more sources you use, the more ideas you present.  What is critical essay?  Critical essay is a synthesis of your own ideas with ideas gathered from secondary information.

Writing a Critical Analysis Essay

Critical analysis essay is what the type of assignment suggests - analysis of a chosen topic.  Analysis is not a description or overview, it is about in-depth investigation of the literature available on the topic, it is about integrating different opinions into one coherent piece of writing. For example, if you are writing a cold war history essay, you cannot develop a good paper based on your personal thoughts.  You cannot avoid conducting a research and critically reading numerous articles.

What makes a critical analysis essay a good paper?  Good critical analysis essay contains a well-developed argument.  While analyzing the topic, aim at breaking the topic into parts and explain how each part contributes to the topic.  Examine each idea separately and in relation to other ideas.  Identify supporting arguments and interpret the significance of each point to discussion.  Never provide summaries of the article!  Always criticize assumptions made by authors.

Critical Essay Writing Tips

  • Develop a strong attention getting opening introducing the reader to a topic and your main argument
  • While integrating the readings into critical essay, pay attention to discussion sections (for example, while writing a critical analysis of strategic management, you can freely skip background and methodology sections of research articles and focus on discussion, results, and conclusion sections)
  • Provide supporting arguments and examples, do not assume that your thoughts are accepted as right by all, include examples to illustrate your point of view
  • Always proofread your own writing. You will lose many points on your critical analysis essay, if it contains mistakes, it is strongly recommended to ask a professional editor for assistance
  • Critical essay is not an opinion paper!!! 

Custom Assistance

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