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How to Write a Critical Essay


A critical essay is not the overview of the book or article.  Critical essay is not the summary of the text or main points raised by the author.  Critical essay is argumentative type of writing and requires the expression of your ideas about the book supported with the examples from the text.  Every sentence of the critical essay has to contribute the thesis statement; every paragraph of the critical essay should be the logical continuation of the previous one.  Critical essay should be written in the clear and interesting style and should consist of your ideas about the text. 

How to Write a Critical Essay: Tips

You will not be able to write a critical essay if you have not read the book and do not know what to say about it.  To help yourself with critical essay writing, you are encouraged to make notes while reading a book or article, write down all ideas even those you think are not sound.  Writing skills are acquired in the process of writing and the more you write, the more professional you become.

How to Write a Critical Essay: Writing Process

While writing a critical essay you should avoid long quotations and use the text only as supportive material to your ideas.  In addition, you are strongly advised to avoid summarizing the book or article and using the already published criticism on the literary work.  The aim of critical essay writing is to help you to develop the ability to express ideas, to identify the problems, to analyze and synthesize materials.

If you have decided to use the interpretations from critics, you need to make sure that your personal ideas and the ideas of critics are logically integrated into the critical essay.  Attention!  Make sure to reference the outside sources used for critical essay completion.  If you use the ideas of others, quote, or paraphrase, you have to reference the source within the text and in the bibliography list at end of the custom essay.

Prior to writing a critical essay, we advise you to create the outline.  The critical essay outline writing will help you to organize your thoughts and think about the essay structure.  The body of the critical essay must contain at least three ideas related to the thesis statement.  Thesis statement should be placed in the introductory paragraph of the critical essay and state your main idea.  Each paragraph, as the basic unit of the critical essay, should not be too long or too short - one third of the page in length.

How to Write a Critical Essay: Tips

  • Critical essay should be written in a serous, objective tone
  • Critical essay should be informative
  • Support your ideas with the evidence from the book/article
  • Discuss the major themes and conflicting topics
  • Maintain the focus of critical essay on one major topic rather than trying to cover all themes raised by the author
  • Make sure to organize the discussions and format the critical essay in accordance to the style requested by the tutor
  • Be attentive with referencing the outside resources you consulted while writing a critical essay

Write a Critical Essay: Writing Help

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