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Critical Thinking Essay


Critical thinking essay contains the same elements as other academic writings:  introduction, body, and conclusion.  However, unlike other types of papers, critical thinking essay body should contain in-depth analysis of the claims and assumptions supported with facts and evidence.  The examples of critical thinking writing include essay on respect, living will essay, and heroes essay.  While writing essay on respect, you should strive to come up with a definition of respect based on dictionaries, articles, as well as your opinion and experience.?  For example, you may recall situations from your life when you observed respectful attitude.  Alternatively, you can write about the difference in respect to parents and friends. 

Critical Thinking Essay: Outline

Thus, the first point of critical essay outline is introduction.  Introduction is a background information on the issue and should include a thesis statement:  the main idea of the paper or the purpose of writing an essay.  Introduction should be limited to 5-7 sentences and contain no quoted materials.  Body, the biggest and the most importance section of critical thinking essay, should be devoted to topic development.  Body is a section in which you provide facts, claims, assumptions, and evidence.  Facts are information which is hold as true by all (earth is round).  Claims are assertions which explain facts.  Assumptions are unstated arguments, hypothesis which needs to be proved.  Evidence is supporting information used to prove assumptions and claims.  Critical thinking essay has an objective to analyze arguments using facts and theory.  Theory, in the context of critical thinking essay writing, is the method to bind together arguments.  Final section is conclusion - you should sum up the whole paper and stress the most important or the strongest argument. 

Critical Thinking Essay: How to Write

We strongly encourage using secondary and primary sources while writing critical thinking essay.  Primary sources will provide you with assumptions and arguments, while secondary sources are the pool of facts and theory.  Be critical of the sources you use, do not include irrelevant information or weak arguments.  If you disagree with the author of the article, do not use this article.  Critical essay writing is beneficial not only for studying, but for the life in general.  Why?  Because you learn how to analyze different situations more effectively, how to make thoughtful decisions, and how to encounter issues rationally.

Critical Thinking Essay: Tips by Writers

  • Always question the information you read (if the author of the article writes something, it does not mean that his assumptions are based on facts, take a look on the reference list included at the end of the article to check the reliability)
  • Challenge your own assumptions (analyze your own thoughts, why do you think this way?  Is your reasoning based on facts or assumptions?)
  • Be open to accept new perspectives on the issue (for example, you might think that poverty is the responsibility of poor people.  Try to look at this assumption from a different perspective - poor people might have no opportunities to improve their living)
  • Be logical, not emotional (do not judge situations from your own perspective, aim to find patterns and linkages between different elements of the topics)

Custom Critical Thinking Essay

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