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Writing a Critique


Writing a literary critique is about analyzing and evaluating the literary work. Your arguments should be based on evidence, which is extracted from the document itself. Writing a literary critique of an article is more difficult compared to other kinds of academic essays, because it requires critical thinking and your ability to come up with an independent judgment on a topic. However, critiques are also one of the most important critical essays because in many research institutions you are asked to formulate your own opinion and critical judgment.  Prior to evaluating and critiquing someone's literary work you should identify the author's main idea. Once you understand the ideas you are empowered to think about the chosen work critically. Your task is not to critique the whole literary work, and your aim is to write your critique with the respect to author's work. The critique mustn't be obviously negative. It is possible to make a positive critique, a negative critique, or a critique that cites both kinds of qualities.

Writing a Critique Essay

During your studying in college you will write lots of essays about literary texts. There is an important difference between the essays you have written in high school and the essays you are going to write in college. You may argue that your writing is critical already and that you know how to analyze, interpret and evaluate literary texts. You may have the right to think so. However, while your earlier essays involved just you and the literary text, a critical essay needs to become involved in a much wider discussion. This is the point at which you should be able to defend your position in relation to the essay question. You have identified a topic within the broad theme of the essay question. Now you need to evaluate what you have read. This is the only way to develop and defend your point of view.

You have to develop a good thesis statement. Traditionally, a critical position is defined in terms of argument and counterargument. However, it is possible to hold a clear position without speaking in confrontational terms; a persistent suggestion can be particularly persuasive and effective. You have to express your position in no more than a couple of sentences. It needs to be specific rather than general, and it shouldn't take the form of a question or a list of ideas. Writing critical essays enables you to develop critical skills and abilities to read carefully, to apply technical research methods, and develop critical responsive writing.

Custom Critique Writing

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