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Steps of Writing Process


Essay writing process can be divided into several steps including topic selection, thesis statement development, outline creation, conducting a research, drafting an essay, editing final draft, and referencing the sources.  These steps of writing process can be further divided into smaller stages.

Steps of Writing Process: Topic Choice

Topic selection is the first step of all academic assignments writing process:  research paper, term paper, coursework, thesis, dissertation, etc.  If you are not given the specific question to analyze, you have the freedom to decide what essay topic is the most interesting for you to write an essay about.  However, be attentive with selecting the essay topic which is relevant to the course.  For example, if you are taking the course 'Sociology', research paper topic should be relevant to sociology. 

Steps of Writing Process: Thesis Statement

Thesis statement development is the second step of essay writing process.  You need to develop the main essay sentence.  The short sentence should set the foundation of the whole term paper writing process.  It can be written either in the form of a question or statement.  If the academic assignment is longer than 10 pages, make sure you provide the background information on the topic in the introductory paragraph.  In addition, the thesis statement should show the reader why your topic is important to be researched.

Steps of Writing Process: Outline

Research paper writing process requires the development of the outline:  the list of main ideas sequenced in logical manner.  Even if you do not have the requirement to submit an outline, you are strongly advised to create it anyway because it will help you to present your ideas more structurally.  Essay writing process can take several weeks (coursework) or even several months (dissertation) if you do not plan your time, your essay writing process will be highly unstructured and you will feel lost in gathered information, already completed sections, and sections you have only started to write.

Steps of Writing Process: Research

Research is one of the most important steps of essay writing process.  To produce a good essay, you have to find numerous interesting and relevant articles to support your thesis statement.  Do not rely on internet as the main source of information, go to the library, read books, newspapers and journals.  You will definitely find much more reliable information on your topic in printed sources.  Keep in mind that using the sayings and ideas of others without accrediting the author is plagiarism!

Steps of Writing Process: Drafting

Drafting and editing are the final steps of essay writing process.  Once you have developed the thesis statement, created an outline, found the supportive information, analyzed the gathered materials, you are ready to start writing an essay.  Essay writing process includes preparation of several drafts.  Read your essay several times, change the structure, add or delete ideas, check grammar and spelling.  Ask your friend or professional service for editing help!

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