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Essay Layout


An essay layout can act as a writing process to come up with well structured, logical and informative academic writing. Here are some of the most vital points for a good essay layout.

Proper Format

The essay formats you use should meet the stringent standards of your university.
You should have 1” margins on all sides with your main text presented in a 12 pt. font   in Times New Roman or some other standard fonts. A smaller font size of 10 pt. can be used for footnotes which you can present with single spacing while double spacing should be used for your major text. Essays can be required in MLA or APA format.

Writing Format

You must write your essay in a planned and organized manner in order to score high marks. Your essay layout for an APA format should include:

  • A title page with the title of your essay along with your name and subject
  • An abstract of around eight lines giving the gist of your paper
  • The body text starting with the title. You need to maintain double spacing as well as 1” margins.
  • Make sure that you ‘justify’ the layout.

Your essay layout for MLA bibliography outlay and format requires:

  • Your name, professors name, subject and date on the left hand side of your paper
  • Followed by the title and the text-in double spacing with 12 pt standard font and 1” margins all around.

Whatever the required format your essay should have in-text citations, footnotes as well as a bibliography or ‘Works Cited’ page in which you give your extensive reading list in alphabetical order by placing the author’s surname first. Your paper should also include 

  • Sub-heads: to divide the text in to distinct parts. This is a useful writing format for a long essay.
  • Transition words : like moreover and what’s more help to maintain a flow by connecting sentences
  • Paragraphs: should be used to elaborate on a point as well as to give each point its own space so that your ideas are easier to follow

An essay layout or plan can also act as the roadmap of your essay by pointing you in the right direction and ensuring that you stay right on course. The plan of your essay layout can be:

  • A diagram
  • A list
  • A table

Using a proper essay layout will ensure that you end up with an ‘A’ grade essay.

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