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Essay Writing Process


Essay writing is the multi-stage process requiring a lot of hours of planning, researching, drafting, and revising.  First, you need to mind map the essay ideas, gather information, group your thoughts, and make notes on chosen materials.  Second, you need to write the rough draft, revise and expand the essay writing to include the missed information.  Third, you need to check the writing for structure and linking sentences.  Finally, read the essay again very carefully to make sure that the key question is answered.

Essay writing:  question analysis

Analyzing the essay question is the most important part of essay writing process.  Once you have chosen the topic to write an essay about, you need to plan the timeframe for the specific writing tasks and establish the essay structure.

Essay writing:  gathering materials

Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, publications, and internet are the best sources of information.  Make sure to access a variety of resources while writing an essay.  Read effectively, make clear notes and record all necessary details to be included in the bibliography list.

Essay writing:  planning

The key steps of essay writing planning are mind-mapping the research, refining the essay structure, and analyzing the essay question again.  You are encouraged to create the essay writing outline including the main points to be discussed and the general sequence of ideas to be presented.

Essay writing:  drafting

This step of essay writing process is the most time consuming and you should start writing long before the due date.  While writing an essay, constantly refer to the essay plan, try to expand each idea into a separate paragraph.  Make sure that paragraphs are arranged logically.  Important note, introduction and conclusion are written last, not first!

Essay writing:  editing

The final step of essay writing process is editing.  If your essay is well-written, covers the questions sufficiently, and flows logically, but contains grammar and style mistakes, your grade will not be high.

Essay Writing Process: Editing Tips

Check whether

  • The structure is clear
  • All paragraphs are linked
  • Conclusion is the restatement of introduction
  • Paper is free of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • References are put in the required format

Parts of the writing process (summary)

  1. analyze the question
  2. gather information
  3. plan the writing process
  4. draft the
  5. edit the final draft

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