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Definition Essay Writing


Definition essay should define and analyze a term, event, or concept.  It is encouraged to provide your personal commentary and opinion while writing extended definition essay.  For example, if you are writing Definition Essay on Society, you may include your personal opinion and support it with information gathered from secondary sources.  Definition essay can define physical objects or abstract concepts.  If your definition essay is about a pencil, for example, you will write about Continue reading

Deductive Essay


Deductive essay writing is about applying the persuasive strategies we use in our everyday life:  given a set of clues you need to end up with the a reasonable assumption.  Writing a deductive essay is the same as solving a puzzle.  You need to take into account numerous factors first individually and second in unity.  You need to weight your knowledge and assumptions against evidence and counter-arguments.  Deductive reasoning is focused on three elements:  premise, evidence, and Continue reading

Critical Essay Writing


Critical essay is not a descriptive or narrative essay.  You have to apply your critical thinking skills, show the ability to comprehend and analyze the text, event, or piece of art.  You have to structure critical essay logically and present your ideas clearly.  In this short article, you will find basic information on critical essay outline creation, critical essay format requirements, and learn how to write a critical essay.  So, you have received the assignment to write a critical essay, Continue reading

Critical Analysis Essay


Critical analysis essay is one of academic essay writing assignments.  The purpose of critical analysis essay assignment is to teach you how to apply critical thinking skills.  For example, film critical analysis can be focused on your vision of the plot or main character.  In most cases, the tutor provides the list of specific elements to pay attention to while writing a critical analysis essay.  While reading this article, you will learn how to write a critical analysis essay. Critical Continue reading

Compare and Contrast Essay


Compare and contrast essay is one of the common types of academic writing.  The purpose of writing a compare and contrast essay is to identify differences and similarities between two books, movies, pieces of art, individuals, or anything else.  For example, you may choose this topic for a compare and contrast essay:  political systems of France and Britain in 19th century.  Compare and contrast essay topics are very diverse and you can write about anything.  In most cases, your tutor will Continue reading

Classification Essay


What is classification essay?  This type of academic assignments is very common and is given with the purpose to demonstrate student's ability to organize and sort something into categories.  Division and classification essay is based on descriptions, characteristics, supporting details, and illustrations.  While writing classification essay you need to organize things into groups each having its own characteristics.  Classification Essay: Tips There are three key words to keep in mind while Continue reading

Cause and Effect Essay


Cause and effect essay writing is the most interesting and challenging type of academic assignment.  You have to posses good analytical and critical thinking skills, be able to analyze different factors, trace the relationship between numerous elements, and write a logically structured essay. Cause and effect essay is more complicated than narrative or descriptive essay because writing tone has to be reasonable, you have to consult secondary sources, and presented information has to be Continue reading

Writing a Thesis


Any type of thesis should contain the following sections:  title page, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, lists, introduction, literature review, hypothesis, procedure, subjects, methodology, results and discussion, conclusions, limitations, appendices, and referencing.  Below you will find short overview of each section. Writing a Thesis: Format Title page (nuclide the full title of thesis, name of the author, year of completion, place where it was written, and anticipated Continue reading

What is the Thesis


Thesis writing requires a lot of critical analysis.  The purpose of thesis writing is to answer the scientific questions and to prove a hypothesis set in the introduction.  You have to gather evidence, facts, and supporting materials from wealth of resources including journal articles, magazine publications, books, and online resources.  While writing a thesis you need to interpret and judge the studies accomplished by many scientists.  The methods you choose should lead to the expected Continue reading

Undergrad Thesis


Writing an undergraduate thesis is one of the productive ways to bring enthusiasm into undergraduate university education life. Working on undergrad thesis is a very long but exciting period, but during the work you will get a great academic experience. Undergrad Thesis: How to Write? In this article you will find some useful information, which will be necessary for your undergraduate thesis writing. An undergraduate thesis can also be a good variant for seniors, especially for those who Continue reading

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