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Writing a Thesis


Any type of thesis should contain the following sections:  title page, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, lists, introduction, literature review, hypothesis, procedure, subjects, methodology, results and discussion, conclusions, limitations, appendices, and referencing.  Below you will find short overview of each section.

Writing a Thesis: Format

  • Title page (nuclide the full title of thesis, name of the author, year of completion, place where it was written, and anticipated degree)
  • Abstract (thesis abstract is the short overview of the whole paper, should have no references, be shorter than one page)
  • Acknowledgements (is not obligatory, however, you might want to mention the people who contributed to thesis writing)
  • Table of contents (usually is longer than one page)
  • Lists (include all illustrations and tables) 
  • Introduction (introduce the reader to your dissertation topic)
  • Literature review (provide the overview of the sources)
  • Hypothesis (be as specific as possible, present in the question form)
  • Procedure and subjects (explain the research method, should be written in the past tense)
  • Methodology (write how you performed the study, be very detailed and justify the method choice)
  • Results and discussion (inform the reader about your findings and their meaning, use graphs and charts) 
  • Conclusions (provide the overview of everything you have written in your thesis)
  • Limitations (discuss thesis limitations)
  • Future research (set the path for further research, offer suggestions)
  • Appendices (include relevant materials such as surveys)
  • References (be careful to reference all sources used for writing a thesis

Writing a Thesis: Tips

If you assume that you have already conducted the research, read all materials, finished observations, and collected primary data, you are ready to start writing your thesis.  First, you need to get organized and develop the timetable of your work.  Second, do not hesitate to ask your advisor to help you with thesis drafting and revising.  Third, choose the writing environment.  You should be able to write a thesis is a closed room far from distractions.  Fourth, be attentive with meeting all deadlines for thesis draft submission.  Fifth, revise your thesis several times.

Writing a Thesis: Order

The thesis writing process starts with organizing the paper logically.  Decide on the sequence of idea presentation.  Next, divide the writing process into several parts:  background section, information description and observations, analysis, and conclusions.  Finally, you are ready to start writing a thesis!

Writing a Thesis: Help

Thesis writing is multi-stage process requiring huge inputs of your time and efforts.  To be able to produce an excellent thesis, you have to be an expert in chosen field of research.  Your thesis should show the reader that you have deep understanding of the issue and can freely investigate it from different perspectives.  Having someone to help you with thesis writing will relieve you from time pressure.  Thesis writing assistance is one of the main services we offer to our customers and Custom Essay guarantees that each thesis we deliver is original and meets your requirements.

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