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What is the Thesis


Thesis writing requires a lot of critical analysis.  The purpose of thesis writing is to answer the scientific questions and to prove a hypothesis set in the introduction.  You have to gather evidence, facts, and supporting materials from wealth of resources including journal articles, magazine publications, books, and online resources.  While writing a thesis you need to interpret and judge the studies accomplished by many scientists.  The methods you choose should lead to the expected results, while the results must be outlined and thoroughly discussed.  Moreover, all of the sources used for thesis writing have to be properly cited.

How to Start Writing a Thesis?

Planning is the key phrase of thesis writing process.  Usually, the thesis is presented in spring and if you want to succeed in thesis development, your research should start as early as in summer.  If you plan ahead the thesis writing, collect background information, the writing and presentation of the findings will take much less time in autumn.  First, you need to choose the thesis topic you are interested in and make sure that you have the person to consult and ask for assistance.

How to Write a Thesis?

Thesis writing should involve the following writing steps:

  • Writing the background section (thesis introduction)
  • Writing the method section (based on the collected information)
  • Making the plots and tables (visualize the information)
  • Arranging the plots in logical sequence (include the figure captions)
  • Writing the results section (describe the results without interpreting them)
  • Drafting the discussion section (talk about your ideas about the results, use schemes and cite resources)
  • Concluding the thesis (come up with the logical closure)
  • Writing the recommendation section (look at back at introduction)
  • Composing the thesis abstract

While writing the thesis, keep the golden of showing the results rather than telling about them.  Each result discussed in the thesis has to be supported with data, figure or information from credible source.  If you cannot find the supporting material, either delete the assumption or add more data on the issue.

What is the Thesis: Referencing

Taking into account that you will have to consult numerous materials while writing a thesis, you have to be very careful with referencing the used resources.  In addition, your thesis should contain the section devoted to people who have made the contributions towards the results.  Some of the mistakes most of the students make while writing a thesis:  using direct quotes without attribution or quotation marks, describing ideas without referencing, and omitting important results or making up the data.  The final draft of your thesis should include:  abstract, table of contents, methods, results, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, appendices, acknowledgments, and references.

What is the Thesis: Help

The experienced writers working at are available to help you with any stage of thesis writing: from hypothesis development to thesis editing.  Our thesis writing experts have years of writing experience and they are able to produce the original thesis which meets your academic requirements and contributes significantly to your academic advancement.  If you do not want to spend many days researching, planning, and writing your thesis, ask our writers for assistance and they will take of all thesis writing procedures.

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