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Cause and Effect Essay


Cause and effect essay writing is the most interesting and challenging type of academic assignment.  You have to posses good analytical and critical thinking skills, be able to analyze different factors, trace the relationship between numerous elements, and write a logically structured essay. Cause and effect essay is more complicated than narrative or descriptive essay because writing tone has to be reasonable, you have to consult secondary sources, and presented information has to be reliable. First, you need to analyze cause and effect essay topics and choose the one which is interesting for you as well as accepted by the tutor.  Second, you need to develop an outline and think about the essay structure.  Third, you need to write a first draft and revise it. 

Cause and Effect Essay: Writing Tips

  • Make sure the reader gets a clear understanding of your topic while reading the introductory paragraph. 
  • Good detailed background information has to be present after introductory paragraph
  • Gather convincing arguments and strive to persuade the reader that causes and results are truly related to each other
  • Supportive arguments have to be facts (not assumptions or hypotheses)?
  • Keep in mind that convincing argument foresees the possible objections in advance
  • Usage of such phrases as 'it is obvious', 'it is a fact', 'it is proved' is strongly encouraged because they insult the reader's intelligence
  • Phrases such as 'I believe', 'I think', 'I hope' are weak and should be avoided. 

Cause and Effect Essay: How to Write

Cause and effect essay writing is about providing answers to questions what, why, and how.  You need to show what has happened, how it has happened, and why it has happened.  For example, cause and effect essay on the iraq war should provide short information on relations between U.S. and Iraq prior to September 11, analyze how the attack has motivated American government to start a war, and come up with the main true cause of the war.  Cause and effect essay stress or cause and effect essay procrastination are more complex to write because there is much less information on these topics compared to wealth of information on war in Iraq.

Pay special attention to the instruction provided by the tutor:  you may have to write an essay on causes or effects only.  If you have to trace effects to causes, make sure you set the clear line of reasoning and identify which aspect of cause has led to the specific result and why.  Cause and effect essay writing is an excellent opportunity to advance your critical thinking skills, however, many students simply have no time to devote to finding resources, analyzing information, and Custom Essay Writing.  If you are one of these students who participate actively in social life and study at the same time, you are welcome to use our custom cause and effect writing assistance.  Order essay at our site, you receive free cover page and works cited.  In addition, you are able to request free outline and free plagiarism report proving the authenticity of your cause and effect essay.

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