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Definition Essay Writing


Definition essay should define and analyze a term, event, or concept.  It is encouraged to provide your personal commentary and opinion while writing extended definition essay.  For example, if you are writing Definition Essay on Society, you may include your personal opinion and support it with information gathered from secondary sources.  Definition essay can define physical objects or abstract concepts.  If your definition essay is about a pencil, for example, you will write about physical characteristics of a pencil.  If your definition essay is about love, you will write about your personal opinion on what love is.  You are advised to write a definition essay on abstract concepts because there are many different meanings which can be attributed to them. 

Definition Essay Writing Tips

There are several types of definition essays.  Analysis definition essay has subsections which analyze different aspects of an item.  Classification essay defines the class of a subject.  Comparison definition paper shows similarities of a subject with other subjects.  Detail essay focuses on physical characteristics.  Example definition essay is a narrative type of writing.  Results definition paper covers the result of using the item.  This list is not complete, thus, use your imagination.

Definition Essay Writing: Outline

Definition essay is custom academic assignment and you need to create an outline.  Outline starts with introduction:  provide the traditional definition of an item and support it with your personal opinion.  Alternative you can include an image describing an item (if definition essay is about death, include the poem in which death is the main theme).  Introduction has to be interesting, attention getting, and contain a good thesis statement.  Body is the biggest section:  provide background information about the item, and include at least three different characteristics or definitions of an item.  Definition essay conclusion is the review of the main ideas discussed in the body. 

Definition Essay Writing: Topics

Selecting a good definition essay topic is the most difficult part of writing process.  Of course, if you are not given specific instructions, you may write about anything around, about emotions, events, and people.  For example, you may write a definition essay about marriage, war, discipline, platonic love, friendship, hat, pen, coward, husband, etc.  Select the topic you are interested in and can expand it into a well-structured essay.  It may seem difficult to write a definition essay about hat, however, if you define hat in term of its role in specific situation, you may end with a very interesting paper.

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