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Deductive Essay


Deductive essay writing is about applying the persuasive strategies we use in our everyday life:  given a set of clues you need to end up with the a reasonable assumption.  Writing a deductive essay is the same as solving a puzzle.  You need to take into account numerous factors first individually and second in unity.  You need to weight your knowledge and assumptions against evidence and counter-arguments.  Deductive reasoning is focused on three elements:  premise, evidence, and conclusion.

Deductive Essay Outline

  • Outline the premise of research
  • Provide evidence (information)
  • Draw a conclusion (balance premise with evidence)

Your paper has to be clear in structure and focused in discussion.  Each point you make, every sentence to write should be logically related to thesis and contribute to discussion.  You need to focus on details and lead the reader to accept your conclusions as the only logical.  Unlike other types of academic writing, your objective is not to inform, but to define, to explain, and to analyze.  Keep in mind that deductive process is choosing a fact and reasoning out of it.  Recalling the words of Sherlock Holmes, when the impossible has been eliminated, the whatever remained is truth.  Deductive reasoning is also applied by doctors: they match patient's symptoms with symptoms of numerous diseases and come up with the diagnosis.

While writing a deductive essay, first state the claim, then discuss different aspects of thesis, eliminate weak arguments, and come up with conclusion.  Of course, you cannot avoid using inductive method:  the process of adding information.  Inductive method is frequently applied in speech writing.  You already know how that opening paragraph should introduce the topic to the reader, the body should cover the topic in detail, while conclusion should some up the main points.  Be attentive not to raise new or irrelevant ideas in introduction.  You need to provide the reflection of the whole paper.

Good deductive essay topic is explorative.  The best papers are based on argument worth of exploration.  Compare/contrast essay requires application of deductive reasoning skills as well.  It is not about listing similarities and difference, but about analyzing why these differences/similarities occur and why they are important.

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