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Critical Essay Writing


Critical essay is not a descriptive or narrative essay.  You have to apply your critical thinking skills, show the ability to comprehend and analyze the text, event, or piece of art.  You have to structure critical essay logically and present your ideas clearly.  In this short article, you will find basic information on critical essay outline creation, critical essay format requirements, and learn how to write a critical essay

So, you have received the assignment to write a critical essay, your tutor has given you the format and has specified the writing requirements, but you do not know how to start.  The first step towards critical essay writing is to divide the topic into small subtopics.  One of the most effective methods to split the topic is to write down all ideas or associations related to the topic appearing in your head.  These ideas can be later developed into a sound arguments and grow into paragraphs. 

Critical Essay Outline does not have to be a complete table of contents, you can simple write down the list of ideas and sequence them logically.  If you are required to submit a critical essay outline, you will simply revise the list when essay is completed. 

Critical Essay Format

There are numerous formats available for you to choose, however, keep in mind that you have to meet the requirements of the tutor and format your critical essay in accordance to the specific style.  Nevertheless, you critical essay has to have at least four elements:  opening introduction, supporting body, logical conclusion, and list of used sources.  You cannot produce a good critical essay without one of the above sections.  Critical essay introduction should provide the background information on the topic, state the purpose of critical essay writing and gain attention of the reader.  Introduction does not have to be long and you should be able to introduce the topic in one paragraph (7-8 sentences).  Essay body is the longest section of critical essay:  you have to defend your position and provide thorough analysis.  You have to be convincing, attentive to details, and careful with style.  Critical essay conclusion is not the summary of the main points, it should include the concluding note on the main essay argument.  For example, if you are writing a critical essay on a book, conclude with recommendation to other readers or state whether the author has failed to reach the audience.

Custom Critical Essay

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