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Poverty Essay


If your professor has asked you to write a ‘poverty essay’ and you are busy running from pillar to post to find out more about it-read on.

Definition first

A really good poverty essay writing should start by asking-what poverty is. When we say that someone lives below the poverty line what it means is that they cannot fulfill the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. Along with a definition you can also use a poverty quote such as, "The poverty of the poor is their ruin," (Book of Proverbs.) Your poverty essay can then go on to elaborate on the fact that while ‘living below the poverty line’ implies a shortage of material things, the actual fallout of poverty is felt in a number of intangible ways

Marx’s theory of economic determinism states that if a man is lacking in basic necessities like food, he will not think of philosophy or art but rather his first thought will be on how he can fill his stomach. (You may also read the following article on how to write economics essay). So in that sense material poverty leads to an impoverishment of the spirit. Your poverty essay should highlight the fact that the poor are doubly so because poverty saps them of their true spirit by withholding two vital things-

  1. Optimism
  2. Self respect

A good poverty essay should point out that the poor are often insulted and have their human rights abused. Since they cannot afford to educate themselves there is also no hope on the horizon to change their lives for the better. Parents who are impoverished and cannot afford a square meal for their kids are forced to sell them in to types of child labor or worse still prostitution. A good poverty essay should touch on these important points.

The other side of poverty

A poverty essay should also touch upon the fact that poverty leads to the exploitation of our natural resources. Mans greed has led to the depletion of natural resources. A poverty essay should also highlight the fact that poverty is the direct outcome of the population explosion and the depletion of natural resources. Touch on the fact that, there are enough resources to cover man’s needs; but not enough to cover man’s greed. It is only through equitable sharing of resources that man can overcome poverty. A good poverty essay should end by offering some solutions for poverty like vocational training and more. If you need help to write a college essay, do not hesitate to order custom essay writing service at our site and get your poverty essay written by professional writers overnight!

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