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Novel Analysis


Novel analysis is one of the assignments that students who study literature are often provided with. By doing this task you should demonstrate you analytical skills. When making analysis of a literary work you should discuss several aspects: the plot (the contents), the characters, symbols or images, the author’s intentions (the main idea of the work) and others.

So, you should find answers for such questions: What did the author want to say by writing the literary work? In what way did the author realize his/her intentions? What is the influence of the literary work on the audience?

Novel Analysis: What Can Help You in Doing the Task?

Novel analysis is one of the most difficult kinds of the literary analysis. It is because of the volume of this literary work. There may be several plot lines and a number of the main characters in a novel. If the fact that literary analysis is the complex task will be taken into account, it will become obvious that you have to do a great deal of work. It will include: novel plot analysis, novel character analysis, the author’s main idea analysis and some others. How can you cope with this task?

First and foremost, to make novel analysis you should read the novel. Unfortunately, you have little time as usual and cannot read the novel for several times, especially if it is too large novel. So, be as attentive as possible while reading. It is necessary to make notes. They will help you understand the main points of the novel and remember important details.

Novel Analysis Is Not Easy To Write

Thus, making notes will help you make good novel critical analysis. What should you pay attention to? Speaking about the novel characters you should put down the following information: the names of the characters, their portraits, their main traits, their occupation, relationships between one another, etc.

When making your novel analysis you should also pay attention to the plot of the novel. While reading the novel, write down the main events that influence the life of the main characters.

After reading try to point out the author’s main idea, define what problems he/she highlighted in the novel.

Pay attention to the following information:

  • It is better to make notes when you make breaks in your reading. In this case you will not divert your attention while reading.
  • You may present the information in the form of a table, a scheme or an outline. It does not matter. The matter is that all necessary information should be put and you should understand what you have written in your notes.

Thus, this is all about the thorough study that plays an important role in novels analysis.

If you have any problems with your novel analysis, you are welcome to address us. We will be glad to help you!

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