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Advice on Academic Essay Writing


As a college student, you to write an essay on a regular basis. Essays are written for various purposes: to inform, to entertain, to challenge, to explore or to convince. The academic essay is generally written in response to a question. You are expected to present a point of view (expressed in a thesis statement). Your aim is to develop a support argument for the thesis you propose. Different disciplines within the university may require different styles and approaches to essay writing. Before you start writing essay, you should read all information that is associated with your topic. Every student uses an individual approach to essay writing; however, the outline creation is the fundamental step of the essay writing process. When you write an essay, you are never simply transferring information from one place to another. Depending upon the field of study, your research may involve reading and rereading a text, performing an experiment, or carefully observation of an object or behavior. Be sure that your topic is original and important. There is no sense to take the topic which is already known, trivial, or widely accepted. The thesis is the main essay idea you are trying to make after the analysis of selected information. 

Advice on academic essay writing

The aim of the academic English essay writing can be persuasion. A properly written essay will bring you high grades.  It is very important to write effectively and to the point. In your essay you should have central argument or claim. It means that you should pose a question, present an information, analyze and comment it critically. Good academic essay has a formal structure. The first part of your essay is introductory paragraph. You should provide the answer such questions as who or what, when or where, why or how. This information helps your reader to understand the problem you are discussing. Try to attract attention of the reader. The detailed information should be provided in the body of your academic essay. Here you should explain and analyze in details the problems you've raised. Here you can demonstrate different opinions, theories and results. Also you may include discussions, comparisons and contrasts with similar or different studies. Conclusion should be very similar to the introductory paragraph.

College essay help

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