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How to Write a Good Essay


Writing an essay is difficult if you do not have an essay writing strategy.  It is not easy to write a good academic essay, however, it is possible to learn how to write an excellent essay. The writing workload and writing process depends on the type of academic assignment, complexity of the topic, and academic level.  We want to help you improve your writing skills and your ability to think creatively, systematically and analytically. Writing a good essay starts with organization of your time and ideas. Inspiration is only a small part of the process, so an essay which is written the night before class is spontaneous and is unlikely thoughtful. Good essay should present clearly expressed arguments based on evidence.

There are many steps in writing process. First of all you should choose a title for your essay. The choice of good essay topics is step number one of good essay writing. Then try to find interesting information for your academic essay. The next step is to organize and arrange information you've found. Think about the topic. The topic should be interesting and actual. Make detailed plan and try to cover all of your ideas.

Try to use direct, clear and interesting essay writing tone. Simple words and constructions and short sentences are often the best. It is important to integrate quotations into your essay. Avoid writing the way you talk! (I think this because). Written language differs from spoken language, avoid the use of slang, abbreviations etc. Do not present all statements as if they are your own opinion. Develop your points into separate paragraphs (3 to 5 is standard) in the essay body. Despite of the topic you have chosen, despite of your personal knowledge on the issue, and despite of the gathered information, you are strongly encouraged to write an outline. Use the following essay writing plan.

  1. Introduction.
    1. Introductory statements.
    2. Main ideas.
    3. Explanation why you've chosen exactly this theme. Actuality.
  2. Body. The body of your essay should be connected directly with the introduction.
    1. Detailed information of your main ideas.
    2. Topic sentences, quotations, discussion, examples and analysis.
    3. Summary
  3. Conclusion. It should consist of one paragraph, four or five sentences.
    1. Restate key points
    2. Ending statement that provokes thought

The conclusion briefly reminds the reader of the thesis statement. Essay conclusion has to be interesting and make the reader think about the points raised by you.

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