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Checklist for Thesis Statement


Thesis statement is the main idea of the essay writing. Before writing a thesis statement you must read necessary material and determine your position on the topic. This position will be your thesis statement for essay writing. You will defend your claimed thesis statement through the whole essay writing with the help of supporting material such as argumentation and examples.

Thesis Statement Questions

Thesis statement reflects the benefits of your English essay. It answers the question: “What is this college essay about?” “What position does the author hold?”. Specificity is the essential part of the good thesis statement. Writing a good thesis statement remember that it determines the content of the whole essay. Reading your thesis statement, a person should be able to know your argumentation and conclusion.

So, your task is to attract reader’s attention and persuade the reader that your thesis statement is correct. For this purpose, you must resort to strong argumentation.

  • Reasoning is one of the many opportunities to impact on the reader’s opinion. Writing any college English essay you must always try to persuade the reader resorting to logically coherent arguments.

Argumentation is one of the possible methods to explain your position and proof your point of view. It is directed on the real conviction of the author’s point of view. When the reader makes sure that the arguments are true, he comes to the asserted thesis statement. Remember, your argumentation must be logical, valid and must not be absurd.

  • Logical proof rests on the strictly regulated rules of conclusions.

Effective argumentation is the one that takes into account the audience. When this purpose is implemented, you can measure the effectiveness of argumentation as convergence in world view in the result of the acceptance of the protected thesis statement.

Checklist for Thesis Statement

  • Thesis statement writing requires exploration of the theoretical material.
  • To understand the features of the claimed essay topic.
  • Consider, in what way the relevance of the topic is reflected
  • Highlight thesis statement and determine your position in relation to it.
  • Identify what theoretical concepts, scientific theory, the terms will help you to reveal the essence of the thesis statement and your own position.
  • Write thesis statement, make an outline, formulate you thoughts and ideas.
  • Write an essay in draft form keeping up with the academic structure.
  • Analyze the content of the written essay.
  • Check style and literacy.
  • Make the necessary changes, write the final version.

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