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Mark Twain Analysis


Works of Mark Twain have been causing heated disputes for a long period of time. Some critics praise his unique sense of humor; others disapprove his way of revealing of the life realities. Thus, one should notice that Mark Twain analysis is a very fascinating but at the same time rather challenging task.

Mark Twain Analysis: Analyzing of the Disputable

Mark Twain literary analysis suggests deep analysis of a certain work or 2 works (for example, if you have to write a compare/contrast essay) of Mark Twain. The structure of your Mark Twain analysis depends on what kind of an academic paper you have to write. Nevertheless, it should be thorough and complex analysis.

Writing Mark Twain Analysis

So, what should you pay attention to in order to make good Mark Twain analysis?

  • Reading the literary work. There is no doubt that to make analysis of the literary work you should read it first. Study the work thoroughly paying attention to any details. Making notes will help you in that. You may put down any information that will be useful in your analyzing: different quotations, the names of the main characters, information about significant events, etc. It is up to you to decide what exactly is worth noticing.
  • Analyzing of the situation in which the work was written. It goes without saying that to make good analysis of any literary work you should consider it in some context. That means that you should study not only the work but also the period of the author’s life when it was created. You should analyze reasons that led to writing of the literary work you are doing to discuss. For example, it may be some historical events or some changes in the author’s life. Studying of this issue will help you understand the author’s intentions.
  • Analyzing of the characters. Any of Mark Twain’s characters is unique and interesting
  • Analyzing of the contents. Do not forget that any character action and any event have certain sense. So, be attentive when analyzing the plot.
  • Analyzing of the language. The language of Mark Twain is unique. The variety of the stylistic devices, images and symbols used in his works strikes the reader. Analysis of this language will give you only pleasure.

First Gather Ideas, Then Start Writing

Before writing your Mark Twain analysis you should gather all those separate undefined ideas that come to your mind together. For that purpose you should make a thesis statement for your paper that will make a broad topic you deal with narrower.

Keep in mind this information and you will be able to make good Mark Twain critical analysis.

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