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Tips on Clear Writing


Essay, as genre of composition, is actively interfering into college life. College essay writing is proposed as a final or entrance examination. Although literature is not the main subject which is the easiest to write an essay about, you have to write assay on history, management, foreign language, and even accounting. College essay writing has more demands: a five-paragraph structure of the essay, academic essays have to be longer in lengths than simple high school writings. Essay papers can be deductive, narrative, compare and contrast, analytical, descriptive, or expository. Any of them must have a logical chain of argumentation, non-biased language, a strong thesis statement, a clear expression of writer's position, and an original standing on any of the existing problems.

Tips on Writing

For competent and interesting English essay writing, you should follow some rules and recommendations. Having good recommendations is a fine way to help you to understand just what is expected in good writing. Here are some. Examine them. Look carefully at them, and learn from them. Self examination and evaluation are necessary steps of becoming a competent essay writer. Here you can find many useful tips on writing that will help you avoid the most common mistakes and improve your writing style.

  • You should write briefly and to the point.
  • Essay writing is expected to be the demonstration of your writing skills. How can you formulate and prove your point of view on definite problem on the basis of acquired knowledge and your thinking skills.
  • The quality of any essay depends on such materials as the summary of the literature you've read, lectures, your own understanding and your own experience with the given problem, and the quality of processing (organization, argumentation and explanation)
  • The structure of English essay writing, as a rule, consists of such components as introduction (essence and explanation why you've chosen the topic), body of the essay (argumentation, explanation, and the main ideas), and conclusion (summary and general conclusion).
  • It is very useful to give short definition of main terms in the introductory part.
  • Do not use a lot of specific terms in while writing an essay.
  • You need to have several main ideas in your essay. You should start each idea from the new paragraph.
  • You should have some quotation in your essay. All your quotation should be taken in quotation marks and you should give exact reference to the source. Otherwise, the text will be considered plagiarism.
  • Try to use a lot of examples, draw analogies, creates parallels, use various associations in your essay

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