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Writing an Effective Essay


Before writing an essay, you should choose interesting topic for your essay, gather necessary information, and make a plan. Sure of all these steps cannot be done within one day.  You should think over your essay topic very carefully.  Writing an effective essay starts with the choice of effective topic.  I would say that the success of essay writing depends on the effective topic. Effective topic can be chosen from the actual problems in your county or in the world. For example, the essay topic 'The problem of terrorism' is the actual problem in modern world. If you can develop this problem properly into an essay, you will succeed writing an effective essay. An essay on terrorism is a popular topic for several years; therefore, you will find a lot of interesting and relevant information. Nothing represents every day life better than terrorism. Even if society wants to avoid this problem it returns to terrorism, again and again, because practically everyday we can here about new acts of terrorism in different countries.

If you don't know how to start writing the essay we suggest you to read the following essay sample on the topic 'Property as a Social Problem'.

There are a lot of good things in our country, but many individuals and families who need these goods lack the right to have them, the permission to get them. Is there anything lacking but money? What is lacking, apart from the purchasing power to make the products go from stores to homes? But then where does money begin, the money that we lack in order to buy the goods that are not lacking?

The first idea that we keep alive in our minds, without really realizing it, is that there is one fixed quantity of money, and that it cannot be changed; as if it was the sun, or the rain, or the weather. This idea is utterly wrong; if there is money, it is because it was made somewhere. If there is not more, it is because those who made it did not make more.

Another prevalent belief about the origin of money is that the Government makes it. This is also incorrect. The Government today does not create money, and complains continuously about not having any. If the Government were the source of money, it would not have sat around idly for ten years in front of the lack of money.The Government takes and borrows, but it does not create money.  Our standard of living, in a country where money is lacking, is not regulated by the volume of goods produced, but by the amount of money at our disposal to buy these goods. So those who control the volume of money, control our standard of living. Those who control money and credit have become the masters of our lives. No one dare breathe against their will.

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