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Writing the First Draft Essay


Many students mistakenly assume that the first draft does not have to be re-written.  In reality, essay writing is about continuous re-writing.  The first draft is only a foundation, the rough presentation of your ideas and observations.  While writing a Forrest Gump analysis essay draft, you do not need to think which idea to include and which to ignore, you will revise your paper many times until it becomes perfect. As you already know, writing starts with topic selection.  While picking a Continue reading

Thesis Statement Writing


Thesis statement is the key sentence of your essay writing.  It should be the last sentence of opening paragraph and clearly state the purpose of the whole paper.  For example, if you writing essay on global warming, thesis statement should point out to the specific direction you are going to take (industrialization as the main cause of global warming).  Thesis statement should not exceed one sentence in length, be concise and clear.  If you are reading your introduction and cannot locate a Continue reading

Symbolic Analysis


Symbolic analysis essay is a task, which it is rather difficult to cope with especially, if it is the first time you are writing your symbolism analysis essay. That is why we have decided to write this article in order to get acquainted the readers with the main principles of symbols analysis essay writing and to offer a captivating symbolic analysis essay topic. Symbolic Analysis: Writing Symbolic Analysis Essay Thus, symbolic analysis essay presupposes analyzing different symbols used in a Continue reading

Revising and Editing an Essay


Editing is one of the most important steps of college research paper writing.  If you managed to generate very good ideas, conducted a thorough research, and organized your paper logically, but have made several grammar or spelling mistakes, your grade would be lowered.  Revising and editing academic paper should be done several days prior to submission.  Why?  Because you need to leave your writing aside and then look at it with the fresh eye.  Term paper editing is not about looking Continue reading

Research Essay Bibliography


If you have already started working on your research essay, you should realize that the project requires in-depth research.  Usually, only a five-page research essay is based on approximately 10 reliable sources such as journal and magazine articles, books, publications, speeches, and primary sources. Research essay is not a descriptive essay or opinion essay.  Of course, you are expected to integrate your own thoughts into writing, however, every claim you make has to be supported with Continue reading

Poetry Analysis Essay


If you are unsure how to write poetry analysis essay, which you have to complete, better read this article before stating to write your own poetry analysis essay in order to get some useful help at the subject of poetry analysis essays writing. Thus, read the poem for several times in silence, as if you are reading it for yourself. After that, read it again in the loud voice. You will be pleasantly surprised that this method will help you to understand the hidden sense of the poem deeply. If Continue reading

Persuasive Essay Topics


If you are reading this article, it means that you are working on your persuasive essay and do not know which persuasive essay topic to select.  Below you will find helpful advices on selecting good persuasive essay topics.  Forget about such topics as gay rights or abortion debate.  These persuasive essay topics are old and your tutor will not be impressed with persuasive essay on such a topic. Your primary task is to identify interesting contemporary persuasive essay topic. Persuasive Essay Continue reading

Personal Essay Writing


Personal narrative essay is an exploration of your own thoughts.  Personal values essay should include an overview of your beliefs, moral values, and life objectives.  Personal motivation essay is focused on your qualities and abilities to succeed.  Personal essay writing is a complex but a very interesting assignment because you need to write about yourself, express your thoughts, and critically assess your personality.  Personal essay is autobiographical and informal.  You should avoid Continue reading

Organizing the Paper


Paper organization is a very important step of essay writing process.  Even if you have conducted a thorough research and answered the essay questions, but you have not organized your ideas and failed to present arguments in logical sequence, tutor will not grade your essay as high as you deserve.  Organizing the paper is about organizing ideas, creating an outline, and deciding on the sequence of ideas. Writing a Good Paper Planning, planning, and more planning.  This is only working rule Continue reading

How to Write an Essay


Essay is the writing assignment in which you provide your persuasive essay topics ideas.  The paper must be nicely written and professionally structured.  While writing an essay, keep in mind that the reader should find it easy to read and follow your ideas.  How to Write an Essay: Tips The purpose of essay writing is to help you develop critical thinking skills and the ability to express your ideas and thoughts on paper. Essay writing is impossible without collecting the supporting Continue reading

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