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Writing the First Draft Essay


Many students mistakenly assume that the first draft does not have to be re-written.  In reality, essay writing is about continuous re-writing.  The first draft is only a foundation, the rough presentation of your ideas and observations.  While writing a Forrest Gump analysis essay draft, you do not need to think which idea to include and which to ignore, you will revise your paper many times until it becomes perfect.

As you already know, writing starts with topic selection.  While picking a topic for a persuasive essay, try to avoid the popular topics such as smoking, abortion, death penalty, and war in Iraq.  Generate fresh ideas for persuasive essay writing.  Read recent news, ask your friends about their concerns, consult your tutor, go to the library, search internet.  For example, essay individual and society can be focused on dependence of individuals on society, on the psychological need to be among people, or any other aspect of the topic.

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Thus, the topic is chosen.  Do not be concerned with introduction:  it should be written last.  What you need to do is to develop a clear thesis statement.  Writing is the same as thinking:  it is impossible to organize all of your thoughts in your head just as it is not easy to organize all of your ideas on the paper.  Do not worry, you will have an opportunity to revise and edit you writing.  Once you have already written the first draft of your paper, you can freely experiment with the structure, change the sequence of ideas, add new sentences and eliminate pointless phrases. 

The next step of essay writing is planning an outline and conducting a research.  You will read the thoughts of other people - you need to critically assess their ideas and integrate their thoughts and yours.  Essay is not done when the first draft is written.  The purpose of first draft writing is to lay out your ideas and think about the essay structure.  Do not care about spelling and punctuation, you will correct all mistakes while revising an essay.

Always keep an essay outline in front of you.  Do not worry if you do not know what to write under specific section.  Just leave it blank and continue with the next section - you may interesting and relevant information later.  It is of primary importance to time your work.  You should leave at least 24 hours to editing and proofreading.  In addition, plan ahead how much time you can spend on each paper writing step:  two hours to planning, an hour to outline creation, two days to research, etc.

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