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Thesis Statement Writing


Thesis statement is the key sentence of your essay writing.  It should be the last sentence of opening paragraph and clearly state the purpose of the whole paper.  For example, if you writing essay on global warming, thesis statement should point out to the specific direction you are going to take (industrialization as the main cause of global warming).  Thesis statement should not exceed one sentence in length, be concise and clear.  If you are reading your introduction and cannot locate a thesis statement, it is poorly written and needs revision.  This article will help you to lean how to write a good thesis statement.

Thesis Statement Writing: Tips

Thesis statement is written to provide the reader with the main idea of your essay and state the purpose of your research.  Thesis statement has to provide the answer to the question given by the tutor.  For example, if your assignment is to explore the main cause of global warming, your thesis statement can be the following:  The high rate of chemical emissions into air is the main cause of global warming.  Simply restate the question and give it an answer.

If you are not given a specific question, it is your job to figure out which aspect of the topic to cover.  For example, if you decided to write a persuasive essay on some argument, take a stand on this argument and provide one main idea why your argument is the most important.  For example, you have chosen the topic abortion.  Next step is topic narrowing:  abortion legalization.  Next step is taking a stand on the issue:  Abortion legalization is ethically right.  Finally provide a reason why you support this claim:  Embryo is a part of female body, therefore, abortion legalization is ethically right because women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies.  This thesis statement is still weak and needs further revision. 

Thesis Statement Writing: How to Start

Good thesis statement clearly points to your position on the topic.  Moreover, it should inform the reader about the major conclusion to be reached in an essay.  Moreover, strong thesis statement should include at least one point for discussion. 

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