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Persuasive Essay Topics


If you are reading this article, it means that you are working on your persuasive essay and do not know which persuasive essay topic to select.  Below you will find helpful advices on selecting good persuasive essay topics.  Forget about such topics as gay rights or abortion debate.  These persuasive essay topics are old and your tutor will not be impressed with persuasive essay on such a topic. Your primary task is to identify interesting contemporary persuasive essay topic.

Persuasive Essay Topics: Writing

Persuasive essay writing purpose is to convince the reader that your point of view is more trustworthy or logical.  You, as the persuasive essay writer, should strive to make the reader nod to your reasons and arguments.  If you want to write an effective persuasive essay, your paper should be clear in thought and writing.  Make introductory part interesting and appealing and you gain the attention of the reader from the first lines.

Topics for a Persuasive Speech Essay

Persuasive essay is twice harder to write because, first, it is limited by space and, second, it should be appealing.  One of the ways to make persuasive essay appealing is to include dramatic and emotional elements.  Nevertheless, persuasive essay cannot be based on your opinion only, you have to support all your claims with facts and evidence.  If you want to convince the reader in something, your reasoning has to be logical.  Writing an outline will help you to structure your persuasive essay better.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Thus, your challenge is to decide on the topic of your persuasive essay.  The best research paper topics are current affairs.  Write about events taking place now and here.  Moreover, you will find good supportive information in mass media (newspapers, magazines, and internet).  Another good persuasive essay topic is politics because political issues are highly debated in society.  Write a persuasive essay about recent legislation changes or new policy, for example.

Bad Persuasive Essay Topics

There are many persuasive essay topics you should avoid because of their popularity.  Do not write a persuasive essay about images of women in media, illegal music downloading, violent movies, harm of cell phones, internet pornography, alcohol advertising, renewable energy, or stem-cell research.  A lot has already been written and said on the above topics and it is very unlikely that you will find any new information.  Your tutor will not be very impressed to read a persuasive essay on the topic he already knows well.  Good persuasive essay topics include automatic voter registration system, restaurant nutritional labeling, Hawaii becoming a nation, violence in sports, animal cruelty laws, and elderly driving restrictions.

Custom Persuasive Essay

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