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How to Write an Essay


Essay is the writing assignment in which you provide your persuasive essay topics ideas.  The paper must be nicely written and professionally structured.  While writing an essay, keep in mind that the reader should find it easy to read and follow your ideas. 

How to Write an Essay: Tips

The purpose of essay writing is to help you develop critical thinking skills and the ability to express your ideas and thoughts on paper. Essay writing is impossible without collecting the supporting materials.  There are two kinds of materials:  primary and secondary sources.  Secondary sources are the materials which have already been printed.  Primary sources are the information you have collected on your own through interviews, questionnaires, surveys and field studies.  While reading the books, journal articles, and other publications, make sure to make notes.  Write down all of the essay ideas even though they might seem not useful for you.

How to Write an Essay: Essay Topics

Usually, the tutor will give you the essay topic to investigate; while in some cases you may have the freedom to decide on the essay direction.  Do not make your topic too wide, try to narrow it to one aspect and stay focused on it.  For example, if the topic of your writing is democracy, you may write the essay about modern democracy in the United States of America, or research the main principles of Athenian classic democracy.  Make your topic interesting to research.  Good essay topics are the ones which have not been widely discussed yet.  Choose the unique topics related to the modern community problems, concerns and events.

How to Write an Essay: Persuasive Techniques

If you are writing a persuasive essay, for example, you need to choose the topic which is debated in the society and persuade the reader of your essay that your point of view on the issue is more trustworthy or reliable.  However, while writing an essay, you need to discuss both sides of the argument but lead the reader to accept your opinion. The meaning of essay is not to inform the reader of the debate, but to support your argument with the evidence from outside resources.

How to Write an Essay: Free Essays

You have probably already used the so-called paper mills which offer different types of essay for sale claiming that they are custom written and meet your specific instructions.  Be careful with using such services.  If you are looking for essay ideas, do not know how to start writing and want to view the sample paper, we advise you to find the free essay samples online.  Free essay sample will help you plan the structure of the essay, to generate ideas on the topic, and decide on the essay format.  Do not copy materials from free papers!  It is very probably that your friends will find the same essay and neither of you will get a good grade for the plagiarized work.

Custom Essay

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