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Research Essay Bibliography


If you have already started working on your research essay, you should realize that the project requires in-depth research.  Usually, only a five-page research essay is based on approximately 10 reliable sources such as journal and magazine articles, books, publications, speeches, and primary sources. Research essay is not a descriptive essay or opinion essay.  Of course, you are expected to integrate your own thoughts into writing, however, every claim you make has to be supported with evidence taken from reliable sources. 

Research Essay Bibliography: How to Write

Bibliography is not a list of all sources you used for research essay completion.  Creating a bibliography starts at the early stage of essay writing.  Once you have located a relevant article, you need to make a note card with author's last name, idea you will use, and page number.  Why to do this?  When you will start writing a first draft of research essay, note cards will be of great use in locating information you need.  Next, when you cite or paraphrase the ideas taken from secondary sources, you need to add in-text citations (in parenthesis, footnotes or endnotes). 

Bibliography List

If your first draft is completed, take all note cards and start creating a bibliography list.  There are several referencing styles and your tutor will specify the exact format to follow.  The most commonly requested styles are APA bibliography style and MLA bibliography style. APA bibliography entries should follow this sample:  Author's Last Name, Initials. (Year of Publication).  Book Title.  Place of Publication, Publisher.  MLA bibliography entries should follow this sample:  Author's Last Name, First Name.  Book Title.  Place of Publication:  Publisher, Year of Publication.  Please pay attention that there are several manuals for MLA and APA referencing styles and each of them offers its own guidelines for bibliography list formatting. 

MLA bibliography is more complex because it requires more details to be mentioned.  For example, in the case with in-text citations, you need to provide the last name of the author and page number.  While under APA style, you need to include only the last name of the author and year of publication.  Most of the tutors prefer MLA format because they can easily check whether you really used the source you referenced.  It is hard to do this with APA style. 

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