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Personal Essay Writing


Personal narrative essay is an exploration of your own thoughts.  Personal values essay should include an overview of your beliefs, moral values, and life objectives.  Personal motivation essay is focused on your qualities and abilities to succeed.  Personal essay writing is a complex but a very interesting assignment because you need to write about yourself, express your thoughts, and critically assess your personality.  Personal essay is autobiographical and informal.  You should avoid summarizing your life or providing a mere list of accomplishments or life objectives.  You need to keep the interest of the reader, describe specific situations, and show how and why your beliefs were formed.  Do not be afraid to make emotional appeals to reader.

Personal Essay Writing Tips

Personal essays are usually short, however, they should have the formal structure:  introduction, body, and conclusion.  You do not need to conduct a research because you are expected to write an essay based on your personal experience and thoughts only.  You need to write about yourself, not your friend or hero.  Try to stay focused, decide on the core of your paper.  You need to include two elements:  personality and perspectives.  There are no perfect people and, therefore, do not try to perfect yourself while writing a personal values essay.  Use simple words, easy sentence structure, and smooth flow of ideas.  Do not write that you are loyal, provide a specific example supporting this claim.

Once you have completed writing stage, it is time to revise your personal motivation essay.  Read it several times, ask a friend to read it aloud and comment.  If you are writing an admission essay, pay special attention to proofreading and editing.  It is unacceptable to submit paper with mistakes!  Unfortunately, there is no universal formula for writing a successful personal essay.

If you want to impress the reader and gain his full attention, strive to create a unique personal essay.  Be honest and open, provide real life examples, and speak to your reader's mind, heart, and emotions.  Good paper presents what you think and feel about something.  You may be required to produce a paper on your attitude to abortion or smoking, for example.  Do not try to be persuasive, you do not need to convince the reader, just inform your reader about your position.

Personal Essay Writing Advices

  • Is the point of your paper clear?
  • How have your beliefs changed?
  • Is the structure clear?
  • Is your paper interesting to reader?
  • Have you provided supporting examples?
  • Is the conclusion appropriate? 

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