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Revising and Editing an Essay


Editing is one of the most important steps of college research paper writing.  If you managed to generate very good ideas, conducted a thorough research, and organized your paper logically, but have made several grammar or spelling mistakes, your grade would be lowered.  Revising and editing academic paper should be done several days prior to submission.  Why?  Because you need to leave your writing aside and then look at it with the fresh eye.  Term paper editing is not about looking through your writing while listening to music, you need to be very attention and stay focused on numerous details. 

Essay Editing Steps

First, take a look at your essay outline.  Go through all points and try to change the order of ideas:  make sure you have created a logical structure and ideas are presented either chronologically or thematically (from the least important to the most important).  Locate thesis statement.  Is it clear?  Are there topic sentences in each paragraph?  Are they related to the thesis statement?  Are connections between the paragraphs clear or do you jump from one idea to another?

Essay body should contain enough supporting details contributing to thesis statement development.  For example, if your topic is legalization of marijuana, you need to find at least three arguments supporting your point of view and provide rebuttal to the opposing views.  Introduction and conclusion should not contain new information:  introduction should provide general background information on the topic and inform the reader about your main idea, while conclusion should round up the whole essay.

Pay attention to each paragraph:  it should include topic sentence and cover one point of discussion.  Make sure you do not repeat the same idea twice in different parts of essay.  Repeating is a sign of poor organization.  Check the grammar - ask your parents or friends to assist you with essay editing .  Pay attention to correct punctuation, avoid too short or too long sentences. 

Essay Revising

Revising is not the same as editing.  Essay editing is about correcting mistakes, while essay revising is making major changes in your writing, adding ideas and deleting material.  Revising should lead to overall paper improvement.  Read your essay and if you do not like it, revise it.  Ask yourself the following questions:  what do I need to prove?  What is the main idea?  Is there enough supporting evidence?  Are arguments clear and logical?  Is my essay easy to understand?  Have I cited all sources?  Is introduction attention getting?  Is conclusion logical?

Essay Editing, Proofreading, and Revision

Essay editing, proofreading, and revision is one of the services offered to high school and college students at  Even the smartest students make mistakes and need professional assistance with essay perfection.  We employ experienced editors and proofreaders who are able to help you with paper improvement.  Editing and revision are offered for free to customers who order custom essay writing service.  If you want to ensure high grade on your term paper or research essay, ask our editors for assistance!

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