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Feminism Essay


The work environment is one of the places in which discrimination against women is most evident in the modern context so a feminism essay can focus on work related issues such as:Your feminism essay should point out that as recently as the 60’s the best jobs with growth potential were reserved for men while women were forced to apply for mundane and monotonous work with hardly any future chances of growth or salary hikesEven highly educated women were not spared such Continue reading

Drunk Driving Essays


Drunk Driving EssaysDrunk driving is an act of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The danger of drunk driving is related to the fact that alcohol impairs mental and motor skills making putting a person at risk of accident. Drunk driving is illegal in all jurisdictions, for all ages, and in all states within the United States of America. Drunk driving is a criminal offense and is classified as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), and Operating Continue reading

Debate Essays


In the modern world, having your own opinion on various issues is very important. During the academic life, you will learn many different ways of developing your positions on all kinds of problems. Writing on different debate essay topics is one of them. Debate Essay: What Is It All About? Writing a debate essay is close to writing argumentative or persuasive essays. Actually, there is nothing special about your work. You will be dealing with a certain problem, most probably a controversial Continue reading

Critique Essay


If you are looking for the useful critique essay guide our congratulations to you. You have just found what you have been looking. The present article is your guide to critic essay writing. Read it attentively and use all the advices you are going to receive within the measures of this article. Critique Essay: Useful Guide Thus, when you are going to criticize any of the items you have to deal with in your critique essay writing, make the following steps: Consider whether the topic of the Continue reading

Criticism Essay


All criticism essays in literature presupposes one and the same thing, which is to criticize while analyzing. If you remember this very expression, you will guarantee to yourself only the highest grades for your criticism essay literary writing. Criticism Essay: Coping with the Assignment Thus, all the criticism essays are aimed on criticizing both books and articles, or characters and style of the writing in particular. That is why before staring up your criticism essay you have determine Continue reading

Critical Thesis


Critical thesis: How to think Critically? Surely, you have seen the process of debate .Have you? Two or more opponents, with different points of view on the one problem try to convince each other in the correctness of their thinking. Criticism thesis means writing with a critical approach. You suggested some basic facts and arguments to prove your point of view. This is very interesting field of study that you take a critical position on the proposed topic. In this way you should puzzle out Continue reading

Critical Persuasive Essay


The painful aspect of writer’s life is the fact that motivation can not be the single factor that can help write persuasive essays. Students need a spark, embryo, seed, from which the new idea is born. Persuasive essay writing is not a machine, it is impossible to pick it up, rather, it is like fire. Indeed, it is possible to put any number of logs, but without the sparks you do not get a heat. Moreover, you may always order custom essay writing at our site!Nevertheless, do not panic Continue reading

Critical Essay Writing Tips


Prior to writing a critical essay, you should ask your tutor for detailed guidance, including the word limit, topic, etc. Keep in mind that word limit should not be decreased or increased by more than 10%. Remember that you mustn't go essentially above and below these limits because it definitely will have a major effect on your mark. The content is the most important elements of your critical essay and the mark for your work will depend mostly on your ability to express your ideas and Continue reading

Critical Essay Help


Critical essay writing is a very important assignment; moreover, it is a very interesting and complex assignment. Unlike other short essays, critical essays require formal format. Critical essay must be well-organized and completed; while writing a critical essay, use appropriate language for college or university level. If you want to get a high grade, your critical essay must have: Strong and creative thesis statement. Formal college critical essay structure (introduction, body, Continue reading

Critical Analysis Article


The purpose of any critical analysis article is to perform unbiased and thorough analysis. Anything can be the object of critical analysis: books, films, quotations, events, decisions, and etc. But not everyone, who wrote the critical analysis articles, understands how exactly they have to be performed and make numerous mistakes. In order to avoid such mistakes, let us examine key aspects of writing the critical analysis article. How to Write a Successful Critical Analysis Article Be Continue reading

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