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Critical Essay Writing Tips


Prior to writing a critical essay, you should ask your tutor for detailed guidance, including the word limit, topic, etc. Keep in mind that word limit should not be decreased or increased by more than 10%. Remember that you mustn't go essentially above and below these limits because it definitely will have a major effect on your mark. The content is the most important elements of your critical essay and the mark for your work will depend mostly on your ability to express your ideas and thoughts on a particular topic. If your critical essay is more than 10% under the word limit, or if it is very long, you should not pad it out with material. Pay attention to the content of critical essay to see if you can meet the word limit by lengthening or shortening some essay parts. But don't try to make, for example, your critical essay longer by padding it with material that you do not understand. Once your essay is completed – proofread it for grammar and style mistakes. Ensure that every aspect of the title and every idea from outline have been discussed. Check whether you have followed all of the instructions and have a clear introduction followed by interesting and relevant body.

The critical essay cannot be too short because it should contain many details, analysis, and reasoning. If critical essay is shorter than required, check whether you have explained and described all points. Maybe you have not covered some vital ideas or forgot to express your ideas on some aspect of the topic. Maybe some of the thoughts are forgotten in your head. Try to expand your thoughts, ideas and opinions, explain them in more detail. Maybe while writing critical essay, you forgot to include quotations to support your ideas, or may be you forgot to provide an explanation of quotations. Check once more your English critical essay, probably, there are some points that could be explained and discussed better.

Critical Essay Help

Critical essay writing also shouldn't be destroyed by hacking out pieces. Rather try to improve critical essay writing by making your points more precise. While writing critical essay, don't throw the words, and write directly and to the point. Reread once more your academic critical essay and replace vague passages that do not say anything important. Try to focus your introduction more on the title and check if the body of the critical essay holds the focus on the topic. Remove material that is not relevant to your topic.

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