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Debate Essays


In the modern world, having your own opinion on various issues is very important. During the academic life, you will learn many different ways of developing your positions on all kinds of problems. Writing on different debate essay topics is one of them.

Debate Essay: What Is It All About?

Writing a debate essay is close to writing argumentative or persuasive essays. Actually, there is nothing special about your work. You will be dealing with a certain problem, most probably a controversial issue. Usually you will be provided with some materials devoted to this topic to read. You will need to read at least two articles of different authors who express different opinions on the problem.

When writing on debate essay topic be sure that you have enough evidence to support your claims so that you would not have a weak argument in the essay. Also, leave out your personal opinions because your objective is to present the facts about an issue.

Debate Essay: Tips

  • Study both opinions carefully, compare and contrast them.
  • Develop your own vision of the problem and express it clearly in your debate essay.
  • Answer the following questions: Have I stated my position on the problem clearly? Have I provided information about the both articles in my essay? Have I defined and answered the main debate question?

Debate Essay: Steps

  • Find a point you can argue for. It will not be easy to argue on a point that you cannot find a lot of support or a point that is too broad and you had a hard time narrowing it down.
  • Include the opposing side of the issue.
  • End your essay with the conclusion. Talk about the overall consensus of the issue at hand and point out the strengths and weaknesses of both your argument and those of the opposing sides.

Actually, the most exciting thing in writing a debate essay is that you will not have to search for material. All the necessary articles and sources to answer the questions will be provided by your tutor. You just have to read and analyze them. In fact, reading is an obligatory part of writing a debate essay.

Debate Essay: Writing Help

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