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Critical Analysis Article


The purpose of any critical analysis article is to perform unbiased and thorough analysis. Anything can be the object of critical analysis: books, films, quotations, events, decisions, and etc. But not everyone, who wrote the critical analysis articles, understands how exactly they have to be performed and make numerous mistakes. In order to avoid such mistakes, let us examine key aspects of writing the critical analysis article.

How to Write a Successful Critical Analysis Article

  • Be unbiased. If you are going to write the critical analysis article on a book or an event, do not start right away. Think the information over, wait for couple days, and then get down to business. The purpose of this wait-and-see measure is to sound as objective as you can in your critical analysis article. Also to achieve this objective you should examine the topic from different points of view. For instance, if the topic is ‘Introduction of changes to the Tax Code’, you should study it from the point of view of a state, major enterprises, entrepreneurs and citizens. Moreover examination of the topic from different view points will allow a reader to make up his own mind.
  • Be consistent and logical. If the information and the arguments in your critical analysis article are not connected with each other, the article will not be holistic and you will not make a conclusion. The critical analysis article should have distinct structure and logic or else it is a collection of statements.
  • Use statistics. The statistics and facts will help you to support your ideas and arguments with proper evidence and absolute measures. The value of such analysis increases, since you can not argue with facts.
  • Make reference. Make reference in the text of your critical analysis article to the source of information, so that the reader could check if the data used by you is correct.

Critical Analysis Article Should Be Very Effective

If you are a beginner in writing critical analysis articles, the recommendations stated above will help you to make head or tail of it. And if you are experienced in this field, the recommendations will help make the procedure of writing critical analysis article more effective. The main rule you should remember: analyze the information staying unbiased. This skill could be helpful not only in writing critical analysis articles, but in real life when you have to make an important decision, estimate the situation or settle a dispute.

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