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College Essay Writing Help


College essay writing starts with planning.  If you want to write a good college essay with logical structure, you need to plan college essay writing process.  Thus, when the topic is chosen, materials are gathered and read, and notes are taken, the next step is to write down your ideas and to plan the college essay outline.  So how a college should be written?  Writing college essay is about thorough reading, analysis of the new topics, and presentation of your ideas.  While creating the Continue reading

College Compare Essay


As a college student, you are expected to produce comparison and contrast essay which exceeds high school requirements.  Many students will find this advice logical, however, very few do understand the difference between high school and college writing.  This article is devoted to elucidating the peculiarities of successful college compare essay. College Compare Essay Tips The first thing to keep in mind is that compare/contrast essay has to provide the answer to a specific question.  If you Continue reading

College Application Essay Topics


One of the biggest hurdles you need to cross before you can enter a good university is the writing of an organized, interesting and logical college application essay. To write a really good essay you need to first zero in on appropriate college application essay topics that can showcase your qualities and skill.Remember that the type of college application essay topics you choose will play a crucial role in informing the admissions committee about the kind of person you are.Tell us about Continue reading

College Acceptance Essays


In order to write convincing college acceptance essays you need to do some honest soul searching backed by plenty of research- after zeroing in on a compelling topic or theme. And of course, you need to work at it. If college acceptance essays ask you to write about yourself then you need to focus on ways of placing the spotlight on your past relevant experience- as well as the fact that you are a well-rounded and adjusted multi-faceted human being that can add rare value and insight in to your Continue reading

Analysis on Poems


At school or university every student is forced to write an analysis on poems. Many of them are puzzled with the task, not knowing what to start with. For this reason it is important to give thorough consideration to analysis on poems and strip away the myth, that only the selected few are able to write it. Analysis on Poems: Specificity The size of the rhyme. The question you have to answer in this connection: Does the size of the rhyme change? If it does, you should find out is Continue reading

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