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College Compare Essay


As a college student, you are expected to produce comparison and contrast essay which exceeds high school requirements.  Many students will find this advice logical, however, very few do understand the difference between high school and college writing.  This article is devoted to elucidating the peculiarities of successful college compare essay.

College Compare Essay Tips

The first thing to keep in mind is that compare/contrast essay has to provide the answer to a specific question.  If you need to compare and contrast arguments of abortion debate, do not provide examples not related to abortion issue.  It is not descriptive essay writing, therefore, do not waste your time on long descriptions.  Stay focused on differences and similarities.  Introduction should be general and devoted to background information.  Tell the reader about the topic and main idea.  Thesis statement, last sentence of introduction, should convey the main idea and set the foundation of the whole compare and contrast essay.  Do not write something like this:  'Hamlet and Ophelia were of different gender but they both were insane'.  Instead, you may write that Ophelia's insanity was differently expressed compared to Hamlet's. 

Analyze your own thoughts.  Try to go beyond your personal opinion, research the issue from different perspectives, be focused on details rather than general information.  You are expected to draw connections between two objects, events, or individuals.  You need to analyze the topic and reflect on similarities.  College compare essay is not a mere summary of differences and similarities, you need to show why and how two themes differ.  Read tutor's instructions very carefully:  you may need only to compare or contrast something, not both.  Once again, stay focused on the topic!

Comparison and contrast essay is often assigned to analyze the poems.  For example, you can be requested to consider how death and life are treated in the writings of Poe.  While writing a compare and contrast essay ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the topic you have chosen relevant to assignment
  • Is the topic interesting
  • Can you find supportive information
  • Do you need to find differences or similarities
  • What is the central argument

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