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College Acceptance Essays


In order to write convincing college acceptance essays you need to do some honest soul searching backed by plenty of research- after zeroing in on a compelling topic or theme. And of course, you need to work at it. If college acceptance essays ask you to write about yourself then you need to focus on ways of placing the spotlight on your past relevant experience- as well as the fact that you are a well-rounded and adjusted multi-faceted human being that can add rare value and insight in to your chosen course.

College Acceptance Essays: Use a fitting theme

You may choose to write about an interesting or unusual aspect of your life, or a book that has changed its direction. Or maybe there is a person that has inspired you to become who you are. College acceptance essays are really your chance to add a personal touch to your application as well as your Resume.

Try not to bore the admissions committee by repeating things that you have already mentioned in the application form or in your Resume. You can also begin by giving a small introduction on the direction of your college acceptance essays and why you have chosen to write on particular topics.

College Acceptance Essays: Use solid examples

If you state that you are a caring person then give actual examples of activities in which you showed your caring side. Maybe you have volunteered to help a single working mother with babysitting, if so-mention it.

Basically your admissions essay should aim at convincing and informing the reader on as to why you are the best choice for admission in to your chosen course and college. Also try to specifically answer why you have chosen this college over others and how it best fits in to your scheme of things.

Make sure that you do not give a laundry list and keep it interesting by always adding a human touch. Do not start your essay by saying, “I have always wanted to do my graduation.” You would rather focus on an incident from real life that inculcated a love for learning.

“My mother has had a profound influence on my life and pointed me in the right direction. I can never remember a time when I have been lost or confused without my mother’s constant and encouraging support and guidance.”

Use some of these guidelines and you are bound to come up with college acceptance essays that will open doors for you

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