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Expository Essay Style


The expository essay is a genre of academic essay writing which includes components of the following essay types:  definition, the analysis of cause and effect, comparison and contrast etc. The students are required to investigate an idea, to set the main points, to arguments etc. You may not present someone else point of view without expressing your personal opinion while writing an expository essay.  The success of your essay depends on your careful planning and organization. Expository Continue reading

Essay Styles Overview


There are a lot of essay styles. On this page you will find short information on the most common academic essay writing styles. APA style essay is an academic papers containing title page, outline, abstract, and reference list.  In-text citations and reference list have to be formatted in accordance to APA style. Argumentative essay has to persuade the reader to take your point of view. In this type of essay you have to prove and defend your point. You have to take into account the current Continue reading

Descriptive Essay Style


A descriptive essay is an academic style paper that describes some object, topic, phenomenon or event. Descriptive essays should consist of introduction, body and conclusion. Before writing an essay you should choose the object for description, argumentative statements and examples. Sometimes, you might be required to compare the chosen object with other objects to come up with a better description.  For example, the short synopsis of differences between an apple and a pear will help you to Continue reading

Definition Essay Style


While writing a definition essay, you need to define and explain the meaning of the chosen or assigned term.  Definition essay writing is about defining objects, ideas or topics. Some of the terms might have specific meanings, for example, flower, sun, or window. Other terms, such as respect, honor, or love, are abstract and their meaning is different for different people. There are a lot of controversial words, phrases, or concepts that requires a definition. To achieve the deep understanding Continue reading

Critique Style


One of the academic essay writing types is critical essay. The purpose of writing a critical essay is to evaluate somebody's work (a book, an essay, a movie, a painting etc.) in order to express your understanding or importance of it. A critical essay is a paper in which you should express your opinion or provide an evaluation of the text. Critique Essay Writing Here are few tips that can help you with academic essay writing: After reading, for example a book, and before writing, make few Continue reading

Comparison Contrast Essay Style


Comparison and contrast essay is one of the most common assignments in the college. Your task is to take two pieces of anything - books, movies, theories, peoples, ideas etc and compare them. A comparison means the process of showing how things are alike; a contrast is the process of showing how things are different. Comparison Contrast Essay There are some general rules to consider before you begin to write a comparison and contrast essay. Comparison contrast essay style depends on your topic, Continue reading

Classification/Division Essay


When writing a classification/division essay, you have to use examples to demonstrate the form of the composition – how ideas or objects may be grouped into categories. Division essay writing implies that you have to discuss how an idea or object may be separated into parts. Tips for writing classification/division essays: Point 1When writing a classification essay, think of classification as a method of categorizing. However, you should be extremely careful in order not to confuse Continue reading

Argumentative Essay Style


While writing an argumentative essay, try to persuade the reader to agree with your ideas, share your values, accept your arguments and conclusions, and adopt your way of thinking. The argumentative essay has to take into consideration the fact that the writer is the only one who has permission to speak. Your goal is to create a sense of internal debate. While writing an argumentative essay, keep in mind that there are many ways to persuade the reader. One of them is to use statistics. Continue reading

Academic Writing Samples


Academic writing is writing which produces and analyses knowledge. Scholars and postgraduate students, because of their research experience, are engaged in the production of knowledge. As an undergraduate student in your writing you are learning how to analyze knowledge, and take up a position or stance in relation to it. But this task is not very easy and sometimes you will need some academic help. Academic Writing Samples: Keep Things Easy It is important to note that understanding the Continue reading

Academic Essay


The academic essay persuasive writer aims to persuade readers about the idea that is based on evidence. The most crucial step in this process is the beginning of the essay. Academic Essay: Beginning Introduce the essay. The beginning makes your readers know what the essay is about, the main topic of it. The parts where you describe the readers what your essay is about usually mean that you should establish the academic essay context, to make the frame inside of which you Continue reading

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