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Descriptive Essay Style


A descriptive essay is an academic style paper that describes some object, topic, phenomenon or event. Descriptive essays should consist of introduction, body and conclusion. Before writing an essay you should choose the object for description, argumentative statements and examples. Sometimes, you might be required to compare the chosen object with other objects to come up with a better description.  For example, the short synopsis of differences between an apple and a pear will help you to generate some descriptive elements such as shape, taste, color, etc.

Descriptive Essay Style

The descriptive essay should always be interesting to read, so the writer should take into account the audience preferences. For example, the purpose of your descriptive essay writing might be to find and discuss the hottest problem, a person, place, or thing. Try to use many vivid details which help the reader to draw a picture of the described object. Use imaginative language, interesting comparisons. But don't forget that written language differs from spoken language, avoid the use of slang, abbreviations etc. You have to conduct a thorough research prior to writing a descriptive essay. You can write about something from your point of you, in your own words. Each person perceives and evaluates different things only from his or her point of view, thus you cannot avoid presenting your own thoughts.  Moreover, you are encouraged to include personal opinion.

Academic Essay Writing

The introductory paragraph of a descriptive essay should include a brief description of an object or phenomenon and present some general information as well as the thesis statement. The body paragraphs of a descriptive essay should include a detailed description of the features briefly mentioned in the introduction. The conclusion of a descriptive essay should summarize the stated information and restate the thesis statement presented in the introductory section.

While writing an essay, don't forget to use bright examples, interesting comparisons and variety of terms. Try to be direct in writing, clear in expression and interesting in details. Try to select some something and unusual features, something extraordinary and describe it. Give as many details as possible, describe everything as if you hear and see it by yourself, use the words that appeal to the reader, focus your descriptions on smell, touch and taste etc. Firstly, plan your descriptive essay, then write and revise it. Move the reader through space and time chronologically, try to show things in their development.

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