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Critical Analysis Essay

Sep 19, 2007 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 12:09 am

Critical analysis essay is one of academic essay writing assignments.  The purpose of critical analysis essay assignment is to teach you how to apply critical thinking skills.  For example, film critical analysis can be focused on your vision of the plot or main character.  In most cases, the tutor provides the list of specific elements to pay attention to while writing a critical analysis essay.  While reading this article, you will learn how to write a critical analysis essay. Critical [...]

Classification Essay

Sep 20, 2007 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 1:09 am

What is classification essay?  This type of academic assignments is very common and is given with the purpose to demonstrate student's ability to organize and sort something into categories.  Division and classification essay is based on descriptions, characteristics, supporting details, and illustrations.  While writing classification essay you need to organize things into groups each having its own characteristics.  Classification Essay: Tips There are three key words to keep in mind while [...]

Expository Essay

Sep 20, 2007 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 1:09 am

Expository essay is about giving the reader information about something, about explaining something difficult.  Expository essay can be persuasive, explanatory, or informative.  Expository Essay aims at giving the reader enough information about the subject; you, as an expository essay writer, need to support your assumptions and opinions with facts and to explain topic in detail by analyzing and discussing it. Expository Essay Expository essay should contain the following elements: Clear [...]

Deductive Essay

Sep 22, 2007 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 5:09 am

Deductive essay writing is about applying the persuasive strategies we use in our everyday life:  given a set of clues you need to end up with the a reasonable assumption.  Writing a deductive essay is the same as solving a puzzle.  You need to take into account numerous factors first individually and second in unity.  You need to weight your knowledge and assumptions against evidence and counter-arguments.  Deductive reasoning is focused on three elements:  premise, evidence, and [...]

Exploratory Essay

Sep 22, 2007 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 5:09 am

Exploratory essay writing starts with research.  Sometimes you may have no idea about topic peculiarities until you read a couple of articles.  Thus, while writing an exploratory essay you learn about the topic yourself.  The purpose of exploratory essay is to contribute to the existing information on the topic?  For example, if you writing an exploratory essay on HPV vaccine, you need to investigate HPV vaccine and inform the reader about it in as much detail as possible.  Exploratory [...]

Tourism Essay

Nov 16, 2009 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 4:11 am

The first and most important part of writing a tourism essay lies in finding the right topic. Before you decide on which aspect of tourism you are going to write on- you would do well to look in to the horse’s mouth by talking to a number of people in the tourism industry to find out what makes them tick. Once you zero in on your topic –it is time to write your essay outline.Your tourism essay can elaborate on the fact that tourism today is an important part of the economy of many [...]

Personal Essays

Dec 24, 2009 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 2:12 am

The first thing you need to keep in mind while writing personal essays is that this type of academic writing requires insight into your personal life. Therefore, you do not need to conduct additional research, think about referencing, follow strict formatting rules, or take into account all other painful and boring aspects of writing. Personal essays are easy to write because there are no specific rules to follow. However, personal essays are also difficult because of the same lack of formal [...]

MCAT Essay

Dec 25, 2009 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 3:12 am

It is not an easy task to write good MCAT essay and you should be ready to spend many hours thinking about the topic, brainstorming interesting ideas, organizing your thoughts, writing an essay, and revising it until it becomes a perfect piece. This article is written for those students who want to learn how to write the best MCAT essay. Our professional writers have written thousands of MCAT essays and they are ready to share their knowledge with you!In addition, if you need professional [...]

Types of Essays

Jan 6, 2010 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 3:01 am

Throughout your academic studying, you have to deal with different types of essays. You are expected to know the key differences between basic types of essays and become more intellectual and competent in writing them. This article presents you with short descriptions of fundamental types of essays. Therefore, you may stop your search and get all information you need to know right here. In addition, you may also order custom essay writing services at our site and get your custom essay written by [...]

Expository Essays

Apr 7, 2011 Filed under:Types of custom essays — admin @ 7:04 am

If you have been asked to write an expository essay, you may be wondering what kind of essay it is. An expository essay definition can be formulated as follows: an expository essay is an essay, in which a writer presents someone else’s point of view concerning some problematic issue. It means you are to write about certain problem or question and the ideas of some well-known person who is familiar with this issue about it. It may look rather difficult to do at the first glance. However, [...]

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