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Character Analysis


It is easy to write a character analysis essay, when all descriptions of characters are given by the author in the book. In this case all you have to do is read the book and rehash author’s portrayal using quotations when needed. But some authors make the reader guess and analyze characters’ personality and behavior. Such books are usually more interesting to read, but the character analysis becomes a challenge. In this case you have to be attentive to what characters think, speak, do and how they react in every situation.

Character analysis: What and how to analyze?

  • Attitude of the character towards himself. Define if the character is an optimist or a pessimist, an unselfish or an egoist, etc. Find out what is his ambition towards himself and his future. This is a basis of your character analysis; the following recommendations will specify and correct it.
  • Attitude of the character towards people, and peoples’ attitude towards him. You have to find out if he is respected by people and why. Of course people sometimes lie (even in books), thus thrust their actions not words. Note what the character appreciates in people most and what people he is looking up to.
  • Attitude of the character to problems. Answer the following questions in order to define the character’s attitude to problems: What is his typical reaction on problems? Does he solve them or run away? Thus you can make a conclusion if he is a strong or a weak person. Mind also that the character’s nature might change in result of some events and note that in the character analysis.
  • Attitude of the character to love and friendship. Numerous authors ‘examine’ their characters through love and friendship. If the character did not pass the ‘exam’, you should explain reasons for that in the character analysis essay, and if he did – heap praises upon him.

Pay Attention to Details…

As it was mentioned, you also have to pay attention to what the character says and what he does, after write whether his words contradict his actions or not in the character analysis.

Writing only personal attitude towards the character in the character analysis essays is the most widespread mistake. A careful analysis should include the character’s strong and weak points, his attitude to people and peoples’ attitude to him, his ability to solve problems and personal relationships analysis.

Practice recommendations in this article to be able to study the book character thoroughly and write comprehensive character analysis essays.

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