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Critical Analysis Essays


Many of us wrote an essay at least once in a lifetime. And what is an essay? The dictionary would reveal that it is a written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue. The essay expresses individual impressions of the author about certain issue, and it is not a comprehensive study of the theme.

Critical Analysis Essays: Grand Masters

To make a long story short: write whatever you want. Very often the essay is confused to an article, a review or a report. But despite semblant easiness, the list of famous essayists is short. Famous masters of essays mostly write critical analysis essays. The specificity of the critical analysis essay lies in thorough analysis of the topic, supported by arguments and logic.

The critical analysis essay: Professionals at Work

Since you can become professional only learning from professionals, let us explore the work of the most famous critical analysis essay writers. Of course tastes differ, and every person has a favourite essayist, but let’s consider the most quoted and discussed among them.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche. His works seize various questions of philosophy, religion, ethics, psychology, sociology, and etc. Nietzsche opposes his philosophy to classical, thus provoking soul-searching in people. He questions all mind preconceptions covered by religion.
  • Jean-Paul Sartre. The main idea of all his essays is ‘freedom’. His concept of ‘freedom’ he characterized in the ‘theory of the project’. The vast majority of Sartre’s essays are written through the perspective of this theory.
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Emerson writes on behalf of the reader, thus involving him in a discussion. That is the specificity of Emerson’s early works. The reader understands Emerson’s logic and a thought chain. It was Emerson who influenced Friedrich Nietzsche, Henry David Thoreau and others. 

Besides the abovementioned, there is a number of other talented essayists worth attention such as Erich Fromm, Su Shi, Gilbert Chesterton and Matthew Arnold.

Critical Analysis Essay Does Not Have To Be A Hard Candy

The critical analysis essay is not a hard candy but it is also more valuable, since the reader is not only reading the argumentative point of view, but begins to think and analyze. Some critical analysis essays changed peoples’ lives, their world-view and character. Mastering this challenging genre you will develop your analytical skills, become more supraliminal, gain new knowledge and get familiar with talented writers. And maybe one day you will be included in the list of the world-famous essayists and someone will write a critical analysis essay on your work.

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