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Critical Analysis of a Film


The progress of our civilization allows us to watch different films every day. We experience various emotions, worry about the main characters, make our forecasts regarding the plot and discuss these films with our friends. But if you get an assignment to make critical analysis of a film? It is quite different thing! In this case you should not express your thoughts and emotions concerning the film in question but analyze it. What does it mean?

Critical Analysis of a Film: Analyzing Mix

It should be stressed that critical analysis of a film is rather complex task. It will require some time, attention, analytical and critical skills from you.

  1. First and foremost, to make good critical analysis of a film you should gather information for your discussion. That means that you should watch the film. But it should be very attentive watching. It is not enough for you to get acquainted with the plot. Pay attention to the characters, the surrounding and the events that take place in the film. Try not to miss any detail.
  2. To understand the film better you may study some additional information about it. For example, it may be done on the basis of some real events. So, you may find some information about these events.
  3. When analyzing the film you should pick out the main idea that the director has put in it. There is something that he/she wanted to say with the help of this film. So, you should find this SOMETHING.
  4. You should pay great attention to the characters of the film. Their gestures, actions, words and even appearance may contain some message that was hidden by the director.
  5. The plot is also very important. You should analyze the events noticing their sequence.

Critical analysis of a film: presentation

To present your critical analysis of a film is another important task for you. Pay attention that it should have the clear form. Your readers should understand what you are telling them. That is why your analysis should meet some requirements. That is the critical analysis format requirements. Your critical analysis should contain 3 main parts:

  • Introduction that presents your analysis to your readers (gives the general information about the subject of the analysis – the title of the film, the director’s name, some information about the plot; presents the main idea of your analysis – the thesis statement; gives some other background information);
  • Main body that contain your analysis in several interrelated paragraphs;
  • Conclusion demonstrating the results of your analysis that are stated in several points.

So, keep in mind the above-mentioned information and do your best!

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