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A Comparative Analysis


During our academic career we often face the specific assignment: to write papers where we compare two things or two phenomenons. It would be two scientific theories, two stories, two historical or literature characters, two scientific experiments, and others.

The “authentic” compare-and-contrast papers, which describe objects A and B naturally, could be about two similar things that have essential differences (two similar books with various effects on the society) or two things with key differences, which will possibly appear in the near future (two scientists with extremely different points of view who unpredictably vote for the wide exploitation of portal technologies).

Comparative Analysis: Find a Right Way

A solid thesis with the developed outline is the crucial precondition for the successful comparative analysis in the beginning of your writing process. There are some tips for you how to make correct and appropriate comparative analysis:

  • The structure of reference, probably, is a foundation for your comparative work. This is the context where you place two things you intend to contrast. In other words, you create the vessel, where the objects and subject of analysis are grouped. It includes conception, topic, issues, questions and theoretical base. Then, you choose two thing among the whole group and start to introduce the necessary information;
  • Comparison’s Basis. It is a part where you are listing the similarities and differences between the two subjects of your analysis;
  • Thesis. It should show the main point of your personal argument, which stands after the structure of reference. Actually, the thesis in comparative analysis must demonstrate how the chosen things relate to each other;
  • Organizational Plan. Obviously, the introduction consists of your structure of reference, comparison’s Basis, and thesis statement. There are some basic methods to arrange your paper’s body:
    • In the text you describe all the possible features of one thing, and then sequentially provide the same description of another subject;
    • When you discuss the concepts, alternate points about the first thing with comparable points about the second thing.
  • Try to find the connection between the first and second things. Support your words with a strong argument in relation to the thesis. Provide the specific words and terms of comparison such as likewise, conversely, from this point of view, similarly, differently, moreover ,thereby , as oppose to, on the other hand and so on;
  • Male the conclusion. It relates to the purpose of your whole work and analysis that you have provided in the previous paragraphs. In addition, the conclusion supports your thesis once more).

Comparative Analysis Paper Writing Is Not Easy

The comparative analysis paper could be a difficult task for numerous students. This academic “assistant” describes the comparison between two things, and it does not matter the topic you discuss: it could be a usual political view’s conflict or just a biological cycle of two molecules.

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