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Article Review


You need to possess good critical thinking skills and writing ability to produce a well-organized critical essay.  There are three elements to keep in mind:  read, think as you write, and communicate your ideas.  If you need to produce an article review of one article and you have enough time - read it several times, write down the main ideas, and list the example.  While reading, underline the parts you like, disagree with, or find interesting.  Look through the sections you underlined and write down your comments.  Thus, you already have a rough draft without even writing it.  Writing an article review is about communicating with the reader.  You aim is to share your ideas with the reader of your review. 

Article Review Format

If you need to write an article review, you should describe the content of a publication, analyze the strengths/weakness, and show how author has contributed to the field he covers.  You can devote a separate section to these three elements, or you can try to ingrate them into one logically structured piece. There are no specific requirements on article review length - it can be as short as 100 words and as long as 1500 words.  Usually, students are asked to prepare reviews prior to completing a research project on the same topic.  The simplified article review format is the following:  a heading (bibliographic details), a summary (main points made by author), and evaluation (criticize the work done by author). 

Article Review: How to Write

Discussion, discussion, and one more time discussion!  This is the only element which makes your journal article review worth of reading.  If you provide a mere summary of the main points without expressing your opinion and without evaluation of publication usefulness, you are going to fail.  Your tutor has definitely read the article and he does not want to read its summary - he knows what it is about.  You are expected to express your own ideas about the article, provide in-depth analysis and evaluation.

Article Review: Length

  • Title and bibliography info - two/three lines
  • Introduction - one third of a page
  • Summary - one third of a page
  • Discussion of main ideas - half a page
  • Elements of argument - half a page
  • Conclusion evaluation - one third of a page
  • Discussion of 2 problems/strengths
  • Proposal how you would improve the article
  • Analysis of article's importance and relevance

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